SUMMARY Ò Chicago A Biography

Chicago A Biography

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Chicago has been called by many names Nelson Algren declared it a “City on the Make” Carl Sandburg dubbed it the “City of Big Shoulders” Upton Sinclair christened it “The Jungle” while New Yorkers naturally pronounced it “the Second City” At last there is a book for all of us whatever we choose to call Chicago In this magisterial biography historian Dominic Pacyga traces the storied past of his hometown from the explorations of Jol. This was a reuired read for a college course I took years a

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The city’s South Side and employed for a time in the stockyards Pacyga gives voice to the city’s steelyard workers and kill floor operators and maps the neighborhoods distinguished not by Louis Sullivan masterworks but by bungalows and corner taverns  Filled with the city’s one of a kind characters and all of its defining moments Chicago A Biography is as big and boisterous as its namesake and as ambitious as the men and women who built i. This is a deep wide and phenomenal history of the city of C The Best Nest history of the city of C

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Iet and Maruette in 1673 to the new wave of urban pioneers today The city’s great industrialists reformers and politicians and indeed the many not so great and downright notorious animate this book from Al Capone and Jane Addams to Mayor Richard J Daley and President Barack Obama But what distinguishes this book from the many others on the subject is its author’s uncommon ability to illuminate the lives of Chicago’s ordinary people Raised on. I've read what I think are better Chicago histories Cronon'

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