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N No real lady should take lessons from a scarlet womanThe Duke of Rolthven's new wife Brianna is the perfect aristocratic bride So what would society say if they s Brianna wife to the Duke of Rolthven has bought a copy of a banned book The book Lady Rothburg's Advice was written by a courtesan and helps the reader learn how to please a man and keep his attention Brianna has been married for three months and is determined to please her husband Colton in every way so that he will never look to a mistress Brianna and Colton have a content marriage but Brianna hopes that they can grow together and that possibly her husband will fall in love with her She fell in love with him before they married but is dissatisfied with his lack of attention She wants him to notice her and to be adventurous sexuallyThe other part of this story centers around Rebecca Brianna's unmarried friend She has been infatuated with Colton's rakish brother Robert ever since they first met Unfortunately he never notices her in return After Robert unexpectedly helps Rebecca hide from a persistent suitor sparks begin to fly between them Watching Rebecca and Robert fall in love was a sweet experienceI really liked the fact that this book showed a couple working to make their marriage better and an unmarried couple slowly realizing that they would like to be together forever It was nice to get to experience both sides of a relationship Brianna was a little too sweet and giving for me at times but overall I liked her She did have a habit of forgiving slights before I was ready for her to though I liked that she was willing to work to make her marriage how she wanted it She obviously realized that she couldn't force Colton's feelings for her but she was smart enough to figure out that if he spent time with her and found her interesting his feelings might grow Brianna was an odd mix of modern thinking and a product of her times At times she seemed to have authentic expectations for a lady of her time but at other moments she would seem modern and have expectations of euality Colton was my least favorite character of the book He was a total product of his rank which I kind of liked I hate when high ranking peers act like they don't care that they're a duke earl etc It always pulls me out of the story because I sincerely doubt that most of them walked around thinking they weren't any better than anyone else If he was just arrogant I wouldn't have minded so much but he was stuffy on top of it It was kind of funny to see him struggle with asking his brother for advice about Brianna But I also wished he would relax a bit and let me see there was to him other than his intense need for privacyRebecca and Robert were an interesting couple I actually liked them the most and kind of wish time had been devoted to them As Rebecca gets to know Robert she realizes that she was just like everyone else and became infatuated with the surface he presents After finding that he shares a love of music with her they both start to pay attention to learning about their internal character I loved Robert's interactions with his brothers Watching him be amazed that Colton would be suspicious of things most men would love to have was humorousAll in all a good read and I'll be on the look out for titles by this author

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Aw her with a copy of Lady Rothburg's Advice a courtesan's lessons for the boudoir When his innocent wife suddenly becomes a vixen in the bedroom the proper Duke is 1st read 17 19 April 2014I didn't expect to like it but I did I really really did2nd read 3 4 January 2017Possibly buddy read with Maru

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Truly astounded by her seductive powers Following a courtesan's advice might lead to trouble but will it lead to Brianna's ultimate desire winning her husband's lo This book is passable Brianna and Colton were boring and most of their interactions were of a sexual nature It got real boring real fast The only characters that were even remotely interesting were Rebecca and Robertbut that's not saying much considering everyone else Even with them being okay it's not worth it because Rebecca and Robert's story was really just standard fareI didn't think Colton could do anything worse than being boring But then he did When he wonders where Brianna learned so much when it comes to their bedroom activities and that he wasn't the one that taught her he suspects she's having an affair Okay Not the nicest thing to think of your spouse Worse than just suspecting infidelity from an innocent party is hiring a damn investigator to find out if they're cheating That's the height of distrust The hell GTFOIt was bad enough when he didn't respond at all to her love confession And then he avoids her for days while he suspects her of having an affair and then has her followed He acts like a complete and utter jackass during dinner and spouts nonsense about her needing permission to go see her parents and he'll escort her when he has time and that she's under his rule And then he has the audacity to mention that their vows mention faithfulness and to obey Ummmdon't they also include cherishing and love Oh yeah he's showing a hellva lot of cherishing and loving in having her followed for suspected infidelity yeahI'm also so annoyed that he was forgiven so uickly and easily by Brianna I'd have told him to get out of my face until I felt like forgiving his distrustful autocratic assThis is not even a matter of him having a reason to suspect because of how she'd changed He could've simply askeddemanded the truth behind her changes the way Arabella's husband did Contrary to popular belief it's not that hard to just talk to your significant other

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