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The Sacred Depths of Nature

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Aningful because of our increasingly scientific understanding of them At the end of each chapter Goodenough's spiritual reflections respond to the complexity of nature with vibrant emotional intensity and a sense of reverent wonde. Meh I really was hoping for from this I had heard the author speak on a podcast It was fine and it was short so I'll likely read it again for the evolutionary biology but the reflections were too short and as someone else said she just threw in a lot of uotes from other sources without really explaining them plus she used a lot of Christian hymns to I guess try to explain the religious feelings she gets from nature but that really didn't fit with the whole premise of the book to me frankly I hated it I'm not saying I got nothing from it beyond the biology It just promised much than it delivered There were a couple of takeaway reflections but I wished she had spent time on them overall

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This volume reconciles the modern scientific understanding of reality with our timeless spiritual yearnings for reverence and continuity Looking at topics such as evolution emotions sexuality and death Goodenough writes with rich. I'm uite sad about this book For several years fellow naturalistic and pantheistic Pagans have told me it's a must read for religious naturalists of all stripes but I've only now gotten around to reading it I think I waited too long If I'd read this book at the beginning of my path toward naturalism it might have touched me deeply As it was after years of reading and listening to Sagan Suzuki Tyson and Lightman on the science side Abrams and Starhawk on the spiritual side and Newberg Livingstone and Raymo straddling the realms Goodenough's book didn't do much for me I found her scientific explanations needlessly oversimplified and her reflections–the really interesting bits that I wanted to know about–disappointingly short And when I discovered that this book this alleged beacon of religious naturalism ends with Goodenough's assertion that while our spiritual inspiration comes from Nature our best option for religious observation comes not from meaningful ceremonies we create ourselves but in the religions of origin that most of us left behind I was crushedMany place this book near or at the heart of the religious naturalism canon and I'm glad it speaks to them It's just not speaking to me

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Uncluttered detail about the workings of nature in general and of living creatures in particular Her luminous clarity makes it possible for even non scientists to appreciate that the origins of life and the universe are no less me. 35Asking those profound uestions that no one can answer but also important observations are made on the genesis of life on earth and its continuation Half of this reads like a textbook The other half reflects on scientific facts and how cells are as holy as gods

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