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FREE READ å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í Marcel Allain

One episode simply melts away as the next takes over The New York Times in this deliciously sinister turn of the century tale of a French evil genius run rampant Three appalling crimes leave all of Paris aghast the Maruise de Langruen i. What began as an expected plain elementary Whodunit becomes uite a crafty convolution in the end Train hopping fake identities including transvestites bluffs double bluffs Bentillon dynamometers rudimentary CSI slit throats and gruesome violence insane Victorians specters the beginnings of witness protection schedules and time frames this is in that same category of classics like W Collin's very cool The Woman in White The herovillain dynamics and the inherent sensationalism that the both inspire are explored interesting uestions do pop up like who are we REALLY rooting for I mean the Joker won the Oscar Batman zilch Antiheroes and villains are our new heroes superstars It's a delight to read the stages of the chase here of the mouse and cat AND dog And dog catcher The list of suspects grows aptly and the archetypes pile up nicely The true scare is the hint that Fantomas or early Michael Myers is possibly many people like in William Peter Blatty's exorcist novels But alas it the idea like its labyrinthine plot you know exactly whodunit from the get goBoo becomes un horrific and uirky there's blatant overexplanations PLUS a constant betrayal of the reader the tricks are overused and dare I say useless Honestly though the Shakesperean tableus make you realize the literary form this landmark novel is taking But get this fellow bookworms read the exemplary Phantom of the Opera instead There everything comes together like a delicious dessert table at the Paris Las Vegas buffetyou know with those strawberry things and mini crème brule That one to me is a full suare masterpiece and vastly superior so different from the musical no romance all shadow and gossip smoke mirrors theatrical mayhem it has all that this Phantomas seems to sadly lack


S down dark alleys through glittering Parisian salons obsessed with bringing the demon mastermind to justice As thrilling to read now as it was when first published in 1915 Fantômas is not a puzzle but an intoxicant” The Village Voic. WOW How I never heard of this series of books until this past year I have no idea I purchased a set of 50 Detective Classics from and the first book in the series was includedI was hooked from the first chapter There were times when the book got a little draggy but never for long at a time There were so many twists and turns right up to the end I can't wait to see how the rest of the series plays outI would say right now the only weakness I see in the first book is that Fantomas' motives in committing all his crimes is not fully explained to the reader I hope that of that will be revealed in the next book in the series

FREE READ å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í Marcel Allain

S hacked to death the Princess Sonia is robbed and Lord Beltham is found dead stuffed into a trunk Inspector Juve knows that all the clues point to one suspect the master of disguise Fantômas Juve cleverly pursues him in speeding train. Here's the problem with this book I never really got any idea why Fantomas was doing all this shit I mean he gets up into these elaborate disguises so he can kill one person or another but why does he want that person dead Not really explained And he also makes some pretty stupid mistakes for being such a genius mastermind Shit Moriarty would never have put up withI'm just saying if you're writing a book about a criminal genius the criminal should do genius things Not just really convoluted thingsAnd there's uite a deus ex machina there at the end too Trail of the Serpent did it better yoEntertaining enough sure Just not really a must read

  • Paperback
  • 300
  • Fantômas
  • Marcel Allain
  • English
  • 12 July 2019
  • 9780143104841

About the Author: Marcel Allain

Marcel Allain 1885 1970 was a French writer mostly remembered today for his co creation with Pierre Souvestre of the fictional arch villain and master criminal FantômasThe son of a Parisian bourgeois family Allain studied law before becoming a journalist He then became the assistant of Souvestre who was already a well known figure in literary circles In 1909 the two men published their fir