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A teenage shape shifter called Eo A boy from the sixth century called Adom And a girl from the twenty second century called Jay What do they have in common Well they're all. Really I'm the first to rate or talk about this book It doesn't even have a synopsis or a

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Being hurled back and forth through time in a deadly game where there can only be one winner A careless mistake by Eo has led to a time travelling challenge which could co. Good book aimed at a younger audience but still thouroughly enjoyable with a few Good puzzl

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St them their lives If they fail they're at the mercy of beautiful soul sucking demons But Eo Adom and Jay are ready to face whatever the seven tides throw at them They hop. In some ways a better book than uestors but I think I like uestors

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  • The Seventh Tide
  • Joan Lennon
  • English
  • 15 December 2018
  • 9780141381534

About the Author: Joan Lennon

I live and write in the Kingdom of Fife overlooking the silvery River Tay with a view of trees and grey slate roofs and a skyscape it would be hard to better Also resident in the flat are an unruly crowd of characters including a Victorian detective girl a miner boy from an alien planet a ferret princess a medieval orphan a talking gargoyle a short Viking and the occasional flying horse

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