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Sterman walks on the dark side with this classic collection of masterfully creepy stories so horrifying you may have to read them twice to remind yourself they’re not realContents• Foreword Darkness Creeping Twenty Twisted Tales 2007 essay by Neal Shusterman• Catching Cold 2007• Who Do We Appreciate 2007• Soul Survivor 1995• Black Box 1993• Resting Deep 1. This is a g Cowboy at the Crossroads read them twice to Cowboy Brigade remind yourself they’re not A Cowboy's Pursuit realContents• Foreword Darkness Creeping Twenty Twisted Tales 2007 essay by Neal Shusterman• Catching Cold 2007• Who Do We Appreciate 2007• Soul Survivor 1995• Black Box 1993• Resting Deep 1. This is a g

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Imagine being trapped forever in someone else’s nightmare with no means of escape Or caught on one of the most terrifying roller coasters of all time when suddenly the tracks ahead just disappear Enter the world of Darkness Creeping where hollow eyed skulls arrive in the mail and nothing is as it seems Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner and beloved author Neal Shu. Contrary to Child of His Heart roller coasters of all time when suddenly the tracks ahead just disappear Enter the world of Darkness Creeping where hollow eyed skulls arrive in the mail and nothing is as it seems Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner and beloved author Neal Shu. Contrary to

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993• Security Blanket 1995• Same Time Next Year 1993• The River Tour 2007• Flushie 1993• Monkeys Tonight 1993• Screaming at the Wall 1993• Growing Pains 1995• Alexander's Skull 1993• Connecting Flight 1995• Ralphy Sherman's Root Canal 2007• An Ear for Music 1995• Riding the Raptor 1995• Trash Day 1995• Crystalloid 1995• Shadows of Doubt 19. A nice enjo

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    The majority of these stories are excellent This edition combines the author’s two original anthologies published in 1993 While some of the stories are decidedly juvenile most have deeper adult undertones that make reading them extremely enjoyable Many also have subtle morals throughout such as the perils of revenge poor decisions and excessive pride that enhance the stories for adults Overall this was a solid well rounded anthology with just the right amount of creepiness

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    I picked this book up on a whim a few months ago because I liked the cover I'd never read anything of Shusterman's before though I believe that I have a few or at least one other of his books on my mountain of a to read shelf These stories were interesting There were some that were better than others and some that were really good and impressed me They were all uniue in some way and it was very rare for me to know where a story was going I didn't really think that any of the stories were scary though And I don't think that my younger self would have thought so either Some of the stories seemed as though they were going to for a humorous direction rather than a horror direction which is fine but not really what I expect from a collection titled Darkness Creeping But still Overall this was a good collection and short stories are always good to fill gaps when you have a few minutes of time

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    Contrary to my expectation this isn’t a horror book yeah well what do you expect from such cover? instead it consists of a collection of bizarre short stories Although the first story didn’t impress me I was hooked by the second story “Who Do We Appreciate?” about a girl who had to referee a strange soccer game between two strange teams of seven years old who definitely are not what they seemed to be Other tales that I like are “Soul Survivor” “Screaming at the Wall” my favorite don’t ask why “Growing Pains” this one actually give me the creeps “Connecting Flight” freaked me out too dear author and “Crystalloid” Also at the beginning of each story the author explained how he came up with the story which I think is very interesting and add to the story

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    This is the book I pick up to give me a kick in the butt be it to read or when I'm stuck in a writing slump and need a pick me up This is the book I turn to when I REALLY freaking need it as weird as this sounds this book is comforting I take it always on road trips because if I can't fit ALL of my Neal Shusterman books into my bag I can always sueeze THIS and my kindle inAnd often then not this gets read then the kindle does on a trip The tales are creepy interesting and sometimes very touching My favorites being Growing Pains and Who Do We Appreciate it was the first short story collection by Neal Shusterman I ever bought And boy does THAT have it's own story behind it too Infact it would only seem right to tell a story about this collection of storiesI had to order this book back in April of 2010 the spring after I read Unwind for the first time I wanted and of this authors works as they kept impressing me To date there is not a Neal Shusterman book I've read that I haven't loved this book I ordered at Borders when it was still around and they said OkayMonths go by I used to go to Borders often even just to browse and read in the aisles and every time I'd go in I'd ask if my book came in because I was barely fourteen and the employee's knew me since I was knee high to a bookshelf they hud me well it started to border August and no Darkness CreepingFinally We get the callWe go thereTHEY HAD SOLD MY BOOKSo when I finally got my copy of Darkness Creeping I made sure it NEVER left my houseSO yeah A great set of stories by an awesome author and my copy in particular has an interesting history behind it

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    This is a good short story collection for middle grade readers It's not too creepy but has an air of creep about it and none of the stories take all that long to read So it would be a great suggestion for a reluctant reader I also really liked that Shusterman gave a little snippet before each story explaining his inspiration for writing the story

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    A very cute compilation of short stories that have a similar theme of twilight zone Perfect for 4th graders and up

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    I enjoyed this actually than i thought i would

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    A nice enjoyable read Nothing to scary but still fun to read

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    Sooo this is for kids? Seriously? This collection of horror stories is for KIDS?Mmm hmm whatever you sayI don't really know how to approach this review On the one hand these stories aren't meant for my age group adults so any criticism seems weird because it's not meant for me right? But on the other hand even if this is meant for kids that doesn't mean I can't critiue it right? Well the only solution I found was to write my reaction after reading each story I literally can't think of any other way of going about this review No joke this was such a FUCKING WEIRD but honestly great collection of short stories That being said let me get this out of the way I'm not giving each story full reviews because my reaction to the story will speak for itself trust me on that The last thing I'd like to say is I IMPLORE YOU to read the foreword before reading this collection It seriously explains a lot about this collection and Shusterman's writing as a whole With that out of the way here are my reactions to the twenty stories in this haunting collectionCatching Cold closes book after reading What's the age demographic for this collection? looks at spine label that reads Juvenile Literature Yep that makes senseWho Do We Appreciate? Not bad pretty cool conceptSoul Survivor Wooooow that wasDARKBlack Box that was a DICK MOVE Neal Shusterman DICK MOVE But I still liked itResting Deep How the FUCK did he get away with publishing this piece FOR KIDS? Holy fuck that was DARKSecurity Blacket Welp that's gonna scar the kids And me FOR LIFESame Time Next Year I don't understand the science only that karma IS A BITCHThe River Tour That was pretty clever I liked itFlushie What the ACTUAL FUCK Neal Shusterman?Monkeys Tonight laughs nervously eyes dart across the room OkaaayScreaming at the Wall Damn that was good What a cool storyGrowing Pains Wow that did not end the way I thought it would And I'm glad I didn't read this when I was younger or I'd be scarred for life YaaayAlexander's Skull reads inspiration behind story having already read Red Rider's Hood Finishes story Yep that was better than Red Rider's HoodConnecting Flight Well that wasinteresting And weird VERY WEIRDRalphy Sherman's Root Canal More funny than scary but good nonethelessAn Ear For Music Pride goeth before the fallRiding the Raptor What an unexpectedly sad story dealing with very real issues Bravo Shusterman bravoTrash Day Be careful what you wish for kiddosCrystalloid What the FLYING FUCKER FUCK Shusterman? Are you TRYING to scar children? Because it's FUCKING WORKING and I'M AN ADULTShadow of Doubt Fucking awesome Never read any Shusterman poetry but I am SO DOWN for a great ending to this collectionAnd that's about it I highly recommend this collection even for adults Shusterman tackles A LOT of mature themes in this collection and holy SHIT are some of the stories dark I had a lot fun with it than I thought and I would love read of his short story collections

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    Warning Not horror but the tales are twistedThis was interesting As someone who writes I feel like I learned how to think deeper from reading this Not only were the author notes explaining what inspired Shusterman to write each story added to my enjoyment of this book but many of the the stories themselves were really intriguing Sure some of the short stories were okay like Flushie and Catching Cold and I noticed a strange isolation each character seemed to experience but then there were stories like Growing Pains Same Time Next Year Screaming at the Wall and Connecting Flight that were just so interesting I didn't like every main character and I was surprised how okay with their situation some of them were but the ideas in the stories made reading this worth it Too bad there was no real romance I hate to say it but while romance irritates me I always feel like something is lacking missing? when there isn't a romantic subplot or maybe it was just the lack of relationship connection in general between many of the main characters and side characters Did I mention some of these stories were pretty messed up because they were Yeah I'm talking about Security Blanket but there were others like Soul Survivor Then there was Monkeys Tonight interesting idea but I really didn't like how it seemed so unexplained Alexander's Skull wasn't really explained either but it left with a sense that someday in the future it will be for Alex at least Final Rating I really liked this because it was interesting and the author notes really added to my reading enjoyment