Dr Graham's Marriage Westside Stories Characters À 109

Dr Graham's Marriage Westside Stories

Summary Dr Graham's Marriage Westside Stories

Hen was she so stunningso braveso independent vibrant and adorable Who is she doing all this forAnd most importanthow on earth is he going to win her bac.

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With her divorce going through Dr Gabi Graham is restarting her life New look new clothes new challenges The only thing that's missing is a new man But w.

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Hen Alex suddenly reappears in her life she realizes that she only wants the old oneDr Alex Graham can't believe it What has Gabi done to herself Since w.

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    Gabi and Alex were divorced Alex's father died and his mother started seeing Fred Fred had a beautiful daughter that really was into Alex Alex had decided before the divorce that he would further his studies in Scotland but his the wife was afraid of heights To top it off Gabi was pregnant and lost the baby After her divorce while Alex was in Scotland Gabi suffered a needle stick from a patient that she felt sure gave a false name and address She filed the accident form but had not blood from the patient and he refused to give any it would be a long wait before she would know if she had HIV Gabi makes a list of things she wants to do before her life is ruined Alex shows up unannounced acting like they were still a couple Gabi decided she could not play his g a me or whatever and she continues to do all the things on her list leaving Alex to wonder what had happened to his demure Gabi who BTW was not his any

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    Loved the story so 45 only thing I didn’t like was that what happened to Alex and his stepsister it was mentioned but we never got the ins and outs on that But a good romantic hospital read

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    It definitely wasn't all that bad of a novel I kind of hoped for a bit ore emotional aspect but it seemed all nice and tied when it ended

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