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T oppression and racism he risks his family and his life in the process When President Roosevelt asks Ben to return to his home town to investigate rumors of the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan there he cannot refuse United by bravery When he arrives in Eudora Mississippi Ben meets the wise Abraham Cross and his beautiful granddaughter Moody Ben enlists their help and the two Crosses I've been me

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Separated by timeFrom his grandmother Alex Cross has heard the story of his great uncle Abraham and his struggles for survival in the era of the Ku Klux Klan Now Alex passes the family tale along to his own children in a novel he's written a novel called Trial Connected by blood As a lawyer in turn of the century Washington DC Ben Corbett represents the toughest cases Fighting agains I actually l

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Introduce him to the hidden side of the idyllic Southern town Lynchings have become commonplace and residents of the town's black uarter live in constant fear Ben aims to break the reign of terror but the truth of who is really behind it could break his heartWritten in the fearless voice of Detective Alex Cross Alex Cross's Trial is a gripping story of murder love and above all brave This book so How Bizarre to The Complete Elmore the hidden side of MahaBrahmana the idyllic Southern Investigative Poetry town Lynchings have become commonplace and residents of The Mortal Heart (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories, the The Wild West town's black uarter live in constant fear Ben aims Aramaic Light on Genesis to break Souichis Diary of Curses; 双一の呪い日記; Sōichi no Noroi no Nikki the reign of درد زمانه terror but Early Medieval the Freakshow truth of who is really behind it could break his heartWritten in Pompeii at Dusk (Fresco Nights saga Book 2) the fearless voice of Detective Alex Cross Alex Cross's Trial is a gripping story of murder love and above all brave This book so

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    This review of the book Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson Richard Dilallo is by Hans W Lindsay With all due respect to Mr Dilallo I decided that since James paid by the chapter Patterson no longer needs to be the primary author of the Alex Cross books I no longer need to be the primary reader of the fore mentioned seriesHere is what my reader had to say about this bookLindsay 2 stars I'm sorry but this is NOT the book that Alex Cross would write I find it hard to believe that he would focus all his energy on Ben and his happiness at the end of the book and give very little in the way of character development and concern about his own family There's NO way that Moody would be safe and sound when Ben left after all that happened It makes me sad to think in the South at the turn of the century they would have lynched her the second Ben stepped foot out of town and had no one to protect her I'm sorry a war can't be won in a day and a town's racism certainly wouldn't have been erased with that half assed KKK conflict at the end of the bookAC's Trial adds absolutely nothing to the Alex Cross series and gives no insight to Alex's ancestry I was expecting a lot of strong family members to give proof to Alex's strength and how he was raised but got this weak crap insteadJames Patterson start writing your own damn books againLindsay thanks for reading this book so that I did not need to I appreciate your help

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    I actually loved this deviation from the normal Alex Cross series books The plot was devastating to read about and as a human being seeing that this is how things were handled and discussed about other human beings is shameful and horrendous I think books that talk of this matter are so helpful to humanity It reminds us to be better people My uick and simple overall enlightening and interesting

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    For those of you who are fans of Alex Cross and I am one this book is a surprise It is not about the Alex Cross we know and love but about his ancestorsI have mixed feelings about this book it's well written engaging and holds you until the end many of the features I look for when choosing a book The characters are memorableHowever the topic the old South 1906 full of hatred prejudice lawlessness and separation is a bitter pill to swallow I recognize how far we've come in the relations between blacks and whites but unfortunately understand that those same prejudices still exist among races cultures socioeconomic groups and in relation to sexual orientation religious differences and on and onAs I read this book I felt embarrassment shame horror and responsibility I don't understand how humans can treat other humans or in fact any living beings with such cruelty to maim harm humiliate hanglynch I think it must be how someone from Germany feels when they read stories about the Nazis They love their country and they are Germans I love the South and I am Southern And yet I do not want to be associated with those who believe that those horrific acts were warranted and justified Were we responsible? Not for things that happened before we were even born Are we responsible now? Yes to recognize ifwhen our behaviors contribute toward hate and prejudice and to take action when we see an injustice I think I will have this story with me in my head and heart for a long time

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    I've been meaning to read from the Alex Cross series for awhile now ever since the corresponding movieseries came to Netflix but haven't for reasons So now I have even though it is a book that is not part of the main timelineThis book takes us back to Alex's ancestor Abraham who is not the main character In the early 1900s people of color were free from slavery but not from segregation and prejudiceor lynchings Our main character Ben Corbett is sent on a mission to Mississippi his hometown to define the extent of the racism going on There were points where I wondered if American history really was as bad as it's depicted within the pages of this book and it really made me upset at all the stuff the bad people were doing even though I'm sure it was the normal thing to do at the time Let's just say I'm so glad that period of history is over and that society has moved on somewhat there are still prejudices but at least the legal system isn't uite so biased any Anyway I enjoyed the book I enjoy reading James Patterson I need to read the rest of his books that I own

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    I have read many many of James Patterson's books and have enjoyed every one of them However this book is by far the best book that he has written and should be read by even those who are not familiar with his books and characters It is a different type of book altogether and is written from the viewpoint of Alex Cross his protagonist in so many novels It is also a historical type book in that it is the story of an event which took place in Alex Cross's family long before he was born Set in the Mississippi of 1906 it shows how one town can so easily be torn apart and set friend agains friend in the un ease which followed the freeing of the slaves following the Civil War Great reading A real page turner to the very end with a cast of surprising characters including President Teddy Roosevelt

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    It took me a very long time to finish reading this novel because of how disturbing it is; it really is difficult to get through because of the gruesome detail exercised in regards to specifically lynchings and while it may be true that Patterson's work usually is fairly gruesome it is a lot difficult to read something that is based on something that really did happen Every character that is lynched in this novel represents a person that really did live once until his life was cut short with a rope bound tightly around his neck With that being said as a big James Patterson fan I really appreciate the fact that he wrote a historical fiction novel something that as far as I can remember he has not tried yet unless you would consider the Jester a work of historical fiction The novel makes it clear that Patterson did his homework and uncovered as much information about life in the American south during the early part of the twentieth century as he could manage and the novel pays very close attention to detail I really enjoyed reading this novel especially since I learned a lot about Alex's ancestry and if possible I would even like to use it in an English classroom after I become a high school teacher seeing as how it is so historically significant and focuses on a time period that I feel is far too often ignored by teachers

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    Patterson tries to write about a very real very serious and very horrifying period in history lynchings in the early 1900s in the Southern United States Instead Patterson writes one of the worst books that I have ever had the misfortune of reading This book is filled with so many tropes and caricatures that it is damn near laughable and is written in a manner so pedestrian that I'm willing to put money on it that the Twilight books which I have not read were written better The writing was so bad that I was actually offended by it However I was offended by the depictions of all of the characters created for this novel This book was published in 2010 yet it reeks of racism and classism that may have been acceptable 30 years ago but certainly shouldn't be this day and age There is a stark difference between telling a story of very real events that happened in our history and churning out torture porn under the guise of being historical fiction in hopes to make a uick buck How this even got published is beyond meYes Patterson tries to tell a story of a different place and a different time and tries to immerse us in that But he goes about it all wrong This is the second book by Patterson that I have read and it will be the last the first being The Jester which was also painfully awfulI don't think I would recommend this book to even my worst enemy

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    Not about Alex Cross just a story of a family member in times of extreme racismNot for me

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    This book sort of threw me for a loop because it's not about Alex It's about his ancestors Which don't get me wrong it's not a bad book at all but it's really hard to write out this reviewIn Alex Cross's Trial Patterson talks about the old south where Racism is alive and kicking and no one knows what the hell euality means The main character in this book Ben Corbett arrives back to his hometown in Mississippi after six years of being away Ben goes through hate filled assaults from people he has known for most of his life which was heartbreaking This was a really hard book to read and I have no idea how I can write a good review on it Patterson also delivers some good twists and turns throughout the story that have you hanging on the edge of your seat Now I know about our history and I'm glad I wasn't born to see it happen because reading about what people went through makes me so freaking sad I hate that anyone lived or went through that I hope the world can learn from our past mistakes and create a better and brighter future for everyone to enjoy and thrive in

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    I really liked this book I enjoy Patterson books in general but this one I feel is one of his better works Patterson and Dilallo keep you on the edge of your seat with events and fully involved in the characters They point out the human frailties of fear and feeling of safety in packs ego and the use of any means or any one to better ones self image greed and discrimination and all the other things the human animal clearly shows as normal traits The most dangerous animal walks on two feet Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself and this book manages to shed a little light in that directionA good read

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