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A Smell of Fish

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Is turned into a birdIn this his seventh collection we are back in a world where all explanations are withheld 'If Beckett and Kafka come to mind' as Sean O'Brien wrote in his essay on Sweeney in The Deregulated Muse 'they are not simply influences but kindred imaginations' So we encounter a valley mysteriously fi.


Lling with the smell of fish second world war planes reappearing over London a secret attic mural of a naked ex lover a cosmonaut abandoned on the moon and a subterranean tunnel that runs the length of IrelandWhatever the subject we are in the confident hands of one of the most imaginatively gifted poets now writi.

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The poems in A Smell of Fish connect and radiate like the spokes of a wheel haiku sestinas poems beginning with a line by somebody else or sparked off by foreign travel a version of Dante a sea seuence set on the Suffolk coast and long overdue Matthew Sweeney's own version of the old Irish poem where his namesake.