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The Bedside Book of Birds An Avian Miscellany

Summary ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Graeme Gibson

Orshipped eaten feared and loved Nor does Gibson forget the fascination they hold for science as the Galapagos finches did for Darwin Birds figure charmingly and tellingly in the work of such nature writers as Gilbert White Peter Matthiessen Farley Mowat and Barry Lopez Gorgeously illustrated woven from centuries of human response to the delights of the feathered tribes The Bedside Book of Birds is for anyone who is aware of birds and for everyone who is intrigued by the artistic forms that humanity has created to represent its soul Husband of Margaret Atwood didn't realize this until I had finished all of the stories Yes this book is sad but the extermination of birds is real and happens all too often I think it is a very brilliant collection of stories and artwork Being aware isn't always cheery I found it inspiring to learn about the birds among us now

Summary The Bedside Book of Birds An Avian Miscellany

In this stunning assemblage of words and images novelist and avid birdwatcher Graeme Gibson has crafted an extraordinary tribute to the venerable relationship between humans and birds Birds have ever been the symbols of our highest aspirations As divine messengers symbols of our yearning for the heavens or avatars of glorious song and colour they have stirred our imaginations from the moment we first looked into the sky Whether as the Christian dove or uetzalcoatl the Aztec Plumed Serpent or in Plato's vision of the human soul growi I picked this one up aaaages ago maybe over a year even Was really enjoying it too but it got lost amidst the piles and piles of other half started books about the place There are many many such like which are much loved but lie semi abandoned about the place I have too many books and that is a fact But one I am very happy to live with At some point at the end of last year I made a promise to myself to finish it reading small bits from it on a regular basis as I said because it's the kind of book you read from in small morsels anyway or that you peck at like a bird I’ve taken photos of some of the gorgeous artwork in this book along the way to share on Instagram artist credits at bottom of post and a couple of poems too such as the following This is a wonderful collection of short pieces around the avian theme which is a delight to page through It features excerpts from novels and short stories; I was pleased to find a few pages from Haruki Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle which I'd read sometime in the 90s and been meaning to reread ever since so be prepared to add to your groaning wishlist and tbr too This is often a very melancholy tome as man’s relationship with birds has historically been that of predator and they our innocent victims Here's a heartbreaker from The Heron by Giorgio Bassani though wounded though weakened by loss of blood and conseuently anxious than ever to enjoy there sheltered from the wind the last warmth from the sun at a certain moment it had thought that it was wise still immediately to “move on” The long strip of land over there thickly covered with vegetation or less the same color as its feathers and mostly tall enough to allow it to walk there without being seen perhaps represented what best suited the bird’s needs To hide in there for the present waiting for night which was now near; and afterwards afterwards it would see what could be done It went farther and farther away painfully dragging its shattered wing after it; and he thought he could read in its narrow obstinate little neck all this reasoning But how mistaken it was he suddenly said to himself it fooled itself to such a degree the strip of land was all right it would get there; but with all the blood it was still shedding the dog soon unleashed to search for it wouldn’t have the slightest difficulty in flushing it it was wrong to such a degree obviously poor stupid animal that if he hadn’t felt that shooting at it would seem to him shooting in a sense at himself he would have fired at once Then at least it would be all over — and then I bought The Novel of FerraraCountless poems and stories feature these plumed beauties and I will be all the attuned to the mention of birds in fiction from now on This volume now joins a growing collection of gorgeous Bird Books on my Natural History shelf alongside Gibson’s companion book The Bedside Book of Beasts another splendid and much recommended book though eually heartbreaking Graeme Gibson is a novelist a past president of PEN Canada and a member of of the Order of Canada Among many other things he has been a council member of the World Wildlife Fund of Canada and is chairman of the Pelee Island Bird Observatory PIBO Half of the after tax royaties from this book are donated to PIBO Probably of most interest to GR readers Gibson lives in Toronto with his spouse the writer Margaret Atwood Artwork Goldfinch K Svolinsky 1896 1986 Czech An owl a heron and a crane from Codex Canadiensis L Nicolas 1634 after 1698 France Buntings A F Lydon 1836 1917 England Two Swans O Eckmann 1865 1902 Germany

Summary ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Graeme Gibson

Ng wings and feathers religion and philosophy have looked to birds as representatives of our better selves that part of us not bound to the earth With the passion of a birdwatcher and hoarder of words Gibson has spent fifteen years collecting the literary and artistic forms our affinity for birds has taken over the centuries Birds appear again and again in mythology and folk tales and in literature by writers as diverse as Ovid Thomas Hardy Kafka Thoreau and TS Eliot They've been omens allegories disguises and guides; they've been w This book is meant to be read in snippets all cozied up in bed each night per its name so I have to confess that cover to cover does not work uite so well Suddenly a whole section on how humans kill eat and use birds for their own purposes becomes incredibly depressing when read all in one go In fact the book as a whole focuses primarily on humanity's relationship with birds not simply birds themselves It's a key distinction and ultimately I found myself wishing the book offered of both views the naturalist in me is a bit disappointed The artwork is fascinating lovely and often delightfully weird; it definitely was my favorite part The writings were good although something I can't put my finger on about the curation makes me feel the editor and I have very different tastes on literature I also found myself wishing for less of his thematic musings at the start of each section just let the selected works speak for themselves I thought I'm sure that on closer inspection I would be wrong about the following but throughout my reading it seemed most of the selections were British or American and either 20th century or late 19th; I found myself wishing for diversity especially writings from non Western authors I marked two passages I enjoyed in particular one by Thomas Merton on vultures one regarding the presence of songbirds in Nazi Germany I may still give this book away though

  • Hardcover
  • 384
  • The Bedside Book of Birds An Avian Miscellany
  • Graeme Gibson
  • English
  • 09 May 2018
  • 9780385514835

About the Author: Graeme Gibson

Margaret Atwood He was a Member of the Order of Canada 1992 and one of the organizers of the Writer's Union of Canada He was also a founder of the Writers' Trust of Canada Gibson was best known for his 1973 book Eleven Canadian Novelists a non fiction work