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Tempting Torment

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Their marriage vows But baby Gideon and her own hidden secrets must be protected even as Noah's passionate demands tempt her to trust him with everything the truth her life and her heartLead To True PassionsNoah has every intention of getting his due from the cunning female who's The 3rd final book


False PretensesDesperate to escape to America with her life and that of the infant in her arms Jessa Winter uickly weds a mortally wounded man planning to flee England as his widow She doesn't count on Noah McClellan's will to live or his determination to make her deliver on all of This review is most

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Played him for a fool As they sail for America he is torn between outrage and growing tenderness for this beautiful woman he now calls wife Jessa's recklessness nearly cost him his life yet he cannot fight the burgeoning desire to tease and tempt her into sharing than just his nam The final in the Mc

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