Free download ½ Potential Stranger Phoenix Poets Series ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Potential Stranger Phoenix Poets Series

Free download Potential Stranger Phoenix Poets Series

On page after enigmatic page Killarney Clary shows us her mastery of the prose poem in this spiritual biography that journeys across the natural landscape while plumbing the dizzying depths of the psyche Potential Stranger reveal.

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Eached our destination Precise prophetic and spare Clary reminds us that of all the potential strangers we may meet in our travels people who forever remain behind gestures and posture the first and last of those is always the se.

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S that in the public world we are all called upon to perform as children we are expected to find a place in the uniform; as entertainers to play an exaggerated version of ourselves; and as explorers to rest content when we have r.

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    It is the Los Angeles landscape as well as other westward fantastic landscapes that appear in Killarney’s poetry as she maps and explores the poet’s mindscape asking uestions such as “if you don’t come to weight me then what is my shape; where is the space I hold?” Clary 32Some believe that by writing in prose the poet gives up much—namely the lyricism afforded by the line Yet I believe that Killarney’s prose poetry exemplifies how far the poet can push the sonic medium of words phrases and sentences and creates meaning from both sound and syntax all contained within the limitlessness of prose

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