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A Cowboy's Pursuit

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Packed his battered Stetson and went after her He'd convince Celie they were meant for each othereven if he had to follow her to the ends of the earth He never believed he actually woul.

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Hen his buddy jilted Celieand she blamed JaceAnd why not Celie thought As a role model for reckless footloose charmers Jace had no eual So when he came close she ran a thousand milesJace.

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Let Celie get away No sir That's why cowboys invented lassos Jace Tucker wife wrangler Rodeo heartthrob Jace Tucker fell for Celie O'Meara the day they met But she was his buddy's girl T.

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • A Cowboy's Pursuit
  • Anne McAllister
  • English
  • 19 November 2018
  • 9780373764419

About the Author: Anne McAllister

Anne McAllister has written nearly 70 romance novels for Tule Publishing and Harleuin BooksShe has won two RITA awards from the Romance Writers of America — for COWBOY PRIDE and THE STARDUST COWBOY — and has had nine other books which were RITA finalistsHer books have also been finalists for the National Readers’ Choice Award She was named Midwest Fiction Writers “Writer of the Year” and also

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    35 stars rounded to 4I love Jace and Celie since the previous book in the series and I was looking forward to their happily ever after The first half of the book was very good Jace had been Celie’s former fiancé’s best friend and was partially to blame for her being jiltedTheir bantering was fun and it was sweet to see Jace’s efforts to make up for the past He ended up going on a cruise ship after her and dutifully ate his humble pieTowards the end the book dragged a little and I was not convinced she still had a reason not to marry himAnother sweet read in this beloved series

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    leído en Febrero 2014ArgumentoJace Tucker el ídolo del rodeo estaba enamorado de Celie O'Meara desde el día en ue se conocieron Pero era la novia de su amigoCuando su amigo dejó a Celie plantada en el altar ella culpó a Jace de llevarlo por el mal camino Celie pensó ue para los seductores despreocupados e inconscientes Jace era el modelo a seguirAsí ue cuando volvieron a verse ella escapó a miles de kilómetrosPero Jace se puso su sombrero de vauero y fue tras ella Estaba decidido a convencerla de ue estaban hechos el uno para el otro y dispuesto a seguirla hasta el fin del mundo ¡Nunca imaginó ue tendría ue hacerlo

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