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Acclaimed author Beverley Naidoo once again tells the story of Nigerian refugees Femi and Sade With unflinching realism she presents the dangers the siblings face not in Africa this time but in a school very much like one of our o. I didn't like it as well as the other side of truth it's a seuel I don't really know why though

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While he's waiting to hear if the family will be granted asylum in Britain But with Femi growing and involved with the criminal gang how long will any of them be safeIn this seuel to Carnegie Medal winner The Other Side of Truth. Web of Lies by Beverly Naidoo is the seuel to The Other Side of Truth and continues on the story of Femi Sade and their Papa In this book Femi gets older and starts attending 6th grade where he his targeted by a gang Slowly but surely Femi gets involved with the gang by stealing from stores and drug dealing However Femi does not understand the trouble he is in until it is too late I felt that Web of Lies did an amazing job of showing different perspectives of people in different situations For example Sade is uite stubborn during the book as she didn’t inform her dad about what she suspects Femi is doing It is clear how she was cross at her brother for being involved with Errol’s gang and she just thought that Femi will eventually someday be caught by her overly stressed dad and it will serve him right really feeling the brother sister love there On the other hand Femi really just felt like since his dad was so busy he would get away with anything or just blame it on his sister felt the love there again It was an eye opener for me as I just understood how one sided people can really be I would give this book a 10 out of 10 because the book is intense and full of suspense At points in the book I couldn't stand it because Femi kept doing the wrong thing and getting himself in trouble I felt like screaming into the book saying “Femi don’t do that Oh come on You’re just making it worse” It gave me goose bumps just turning the next page as I feared that the protagonist would do something wrong again I would recommend this book only to people that can handle reading serious topics such as teenage crime life As for people who are trying to get rid of those headaches from school with an entertaining read this I’m afraid is not for you

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Femi is in troubleHe's gotten involved with a gang of older boys and is telling so many lies to his family he can hardly keep his head straight His sister Sade knows something is going on but she doesn't want to worry their father. Hi do you like realistic fiction if you do you are looking in the right place The book Web Of Lies is realistic fiction because Its a true story About a boy named Femi who's parents are from Nigeria but they're all immigrants And his dad is trying to get papers to live in England legalythe setting starts off in avon school the school femi and his sister sade go to Femi was trying to find his math class when he got and nervous when the bell rang He saw that one of the teachers got their finger stuck on the door they had to take the teacher to the hospital Femi got shocked because of thisIt doesnt really describe how femi looks like Femi is a boy from nigeria and he has a younger sister named sade His dad is strict sometimes Femi loves football which is soccer in england His favorite team is arsenalhe also has a friend named garyI can relate to this character because me and him seem a little alike because he likes soccer and i like soccer exept the arsenal part because i dont like arsenal The thing I didn't get from Femi is why lie to your family if your going to be in problems I didn't understand why or how the teachers fingers got stuck on the door wouldn't someone already figure that out already A thing I can relate to myself is Femi never gets satisfied with anything Like the time my mom got furious when it was my 10th christmas and she gave me a soccer shirt but it wasn't my favorite team and i said wow with a sad face Another thing I can relate to this book is how strict the dad is compared to mine But my dad is even stricterWell i thought this book was Good even tho femi didn't agree with me all the time The author did a good job putting lots of detail in there I liked the book I thought it was ok I would give this book a scale of 8 to 10 because it wasn't the best but I liked it I would recommend this book to my older sister because she really likes realistic fiction books she would get into those books a lot So if your looking for a good book to entertain yourself you should really read this book because it can relax your brain

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Beverley Naidoo was born in South Africa on 21 May 1943 and grew up under apartheid As a student she began to uestion the apartheid regime and was later arrested for her actions as part of the resistance movement in South Africa In 1965 she went into exile going to England She married another South African exile; they have two children

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