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As a survivor and the two rarely went together in the savage war of MTBs Given command at short notice Devane soon learned that even against the vast and raging background of the Eastern Front war could still be a personal duel between individuals. uite an enjoyable Boys' Own World War 2 action nove

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The year was 1943 On the Black Sea the Russians were fighting a desperate battle to wrest control of its waterways from the Germans But the Russians' one real weakness was on the water whatever they did the Germans did it better and the daring hit. One of the many WW II Naval adventures by Reeman I'

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And run tactics of the E boats plagued them At last the British agreed to send them a small flotilla of motor torpedo boats MTBs under the command of John Devane Devane had been in the Roval Navy since the outbreak of war More than a veteran he w. Good naval warfare novelFor people with an interest

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 272
  • Torpedo Run
  • Douglas Reeman
  • English
  • 06 May 2019
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About the Author: Douglas Reeman

Alexander KentDouglas Edward Reeman was a British author who has written many historical fiction books on the Royal Navy mainly set during either World War II or the Napoleonic WarsReeman joined the Royal Navy in 1940 at the age of 16 and served during World War II and the Korean War He eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant In addition to being an author Reeman has also taught the art of navigation for yachting and served as a technical advisor for films Douglas married author Kimberley Jordan Reeman in 1985Reeman's debut novel A Prayer for the Ship was published in 1958 His pseudonym

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    375 Stars

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    At first when I read this book I only thought of it as a simple World War II book but as I read on I began to realize it was much Everything about this book was great It gets so into detail that you can't put it down It's just a really good book Besides that you kind of get into a routine when reading this because it becomes so familiarIt's interesting too It has an exceedingly interesting plot throughout the story which leaves you in suspense till the final battle Even the characters are well built I would have to say that the majority of the characters have a complex composition by the end of the book because you know about them so well You get used to them almost like you actually know them and it just really builds up their character Overall I'd have to say that this is one of the best war fiction based books I've ever read I'd recommend this book to anyone whose interests involve war

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    One of the many WW II Naval adventures by Reeman I've never read this one which is set in the Black Sea In it an officer in charge of six English motor torpedo boats has to deal with the Germans the allied Russians and a commanding officer with his eye on promotion It's OK but Reeman has a formula and he sticks to it here The hero isn't so much battle hardened as next door to shell shocked; he has a difficult romance with a woman from home; and the other characters fit into pre assigned roles and many of them won't survive to the book's end It's a very good historical military book but it doesn't rise above its genre

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    War at sea in a wooden boatThe small fast boats of WWII the American PT the English MTB and the German E boat all fought every day with great courage To use and face modern automatic weapons in a wooden boat took nerve and skill The British sailors in this book had both The story line holds your attention with tense action strategic planning and the terror the sailors went through in every battleIf you like reading about war at sea then this book is for you

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    This was my first book by Douglas Reeman He is an excellent storyteller A tale about motorized torpedo boats in the Black Sea during the second world war The plot was believable and the setting was fascinating A little too much romance for my liking I can certainly recommend this book and will be reading of his work myself

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    Good naval warfare novelFor people with an interest in naval warfare especially in smaller vessels Writen well enough and as realistic as possible

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    uite an enjoyable Boys' Own World War 2 action novel Lots of action and the commander and his coxwain's wife getting their leg overs but not togetherIt's a great pity that Random House editors are a mindless set of morons who probably sign their names in crayon In the e book no one got 'close' they all got a 'dose'; clouds were douds; clear was dear; there was a lieutenant called Horne unfortunately for most of the time he was called Home so when Horne was mentioned it was confusing to know who it was Most pages in the e book contained typos There was also the problem of suddenly jumping in time and place without warning one minute the good commander was occupying several paragraphs swapping body fluids with his lady companion in Cairo and the next without warning he was in a bunker in deepest RussiaNear the end of the book there was a well hidden Royal Navy tradition guns were blasting away the air reeked of cordite and burning wreckage men all around were bleeding and drowning then the commander shouted Nuts to starboard Wow imagine in 1805 Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson after sending out the message England expects at the Battle of Trafalgar calling out Nuts to starboard All the men of the British fleet suddenly stopping what they were doing so to adjust their testicles to the right side while the French and Spanish uivered with fear at such dress sense Mmmm okay maybe it was just another typoSo yes a good and uick read but go for a printed copy as it was a bit distracting having to put up with the effort of Random House's lazy e publishing

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    As usual a well crafted story which does not leave out any of the harsh realities of war

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    A bit of a challenge what with not knowing all the British slang of the era but most of it was easy to figure out The end was predictable albeit rushed and a bit anticlimactic

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    Exellent from Reeman Unusual setting in the Black Sea alongside the Russians I always enjoy his books

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