review Û The White Guns Modern Naval Fiction Library

The White Guns Modern Naval Fiction Library

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F the Royal Navy and the men of Motor Gunboat 801 are moored in Kiel harbor witness to the disintegration of the m. I picked this up a

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It's Spring 1945 and the war has ended in Europe but the hate and devastation linger on Lieutenant Vere Marriott o. Reeman's books are

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Ighty German navy Where once they fought just to stay alive Marriott and his men must now learn how to accept peac. And yet ANOTHER inc

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    Reeman's books are interesting but the characters and plots get repetitive This novel is different—based presumably on Reeman's own experience in Kiel after the German surrender it's a vivid and believable portrait of the devastation of Allied bombing the degradation of defeat the danger of first contact after surrender and the difficulty of coming to terms with the Soviets as they were working to divide EuropeThe bulk of the novel is a snapshot of a few months in Kiel as a secondary character—an unlikeable but principaled naval commander—pushes the lead characters to build trust with their former enemies and to repair a destroyed seaport so that the British will be able to ship in enough food blankets and other supplies to keep the already malnourished civilian population in the British Occupation Zone barely alive during the coming winter Hunting for Nazi war criminals and the Black Market are also important themesRead this book not for the plot itself which is OK but unremarkable but to read about what happens after the shooting stops

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    I picked this up a couple of years ago for 050 from my local library in hard cover large print Best 050 I've ever spent on Reeman So very different for him In some ways he expands on a theme from Iron Pirate with the treatment of now post war Germany There's also no 'imagination fleet' here which helps view spoiler Turns out Reeman was on the Kiel approaches on VE Day on an MTB and worked with the German Navy or what was left of it for the first six months of peace So I'm prepared to accept that Kiel in May 1945 was exactly as Reeman describes hide spoiler

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    And yet ANOTHER incredible read by Mr FreemanI have read about the difficulties that men in the service faced when in the early days at the end of the war and the beginning of the occupation how difficult it was to try to bring an honest woman with whom a serviceman had fallen in love with home to be his wife This is actually the second time I have read about it Reeman in all likelihood has seen it It has only made his writing on the subject that much better I'm looking forward to reading his next book

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    Great bookHistorically very accurate and it also includes a nice love story with a happy ending

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    Excellent stuff

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