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Tomie's Baa Baa Black Sheep

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A great way to introduce the Mother Goose rhymes to the youngest readers this charming collection includes Ba Loved the eastern european bloc artwork style

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A Baa Black Sheep Jack and Jill Little Miss Muffet and Hey Diddle Diddle Featuring some of Tomie's warmest an Title Tomie’s Baa Baa Black Sheep and Other RhymesAuthor Tomie DePaola Genre Nursery Rhymes Themes Animals MusicOpening linesentence Baa Baa Black SheepBrief Book Summary This mini book has a collection of four different Mother Goose nursery rhymes These rhymes include “Baa Baa Black Sheep” “Jack and Jill” “Little Miss Muffet” and “Hey Diddle Diddle”Professional RecommendationReview #1 Publishers WeeklyA sturdy format gives classic Tomie dePaola nursery rhymes and bedtime stories staying power Tomie's Three Bears and Other Tales adapted from Tomie dePaola's Favorite Nursery Tales contains retellings aimed at youngest fans of the titular story as well as The Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs Fans may recognize the signature artwork in Tomie's Baa Baa Black Sheep and Other Rhymes which features Jack and Jill Little Miss Muffet and Hey Diddle Diddle along with the title rhyme Copyright 2004 Reed Business InformationProfessional RecommendationReview #2 Children's LiteratureFour familiar and favorite rhymes are delightfully illustrated in this board book The title rhyme which features the little boy who gets a bag of wool cannot help but entice readers to turn the pages He really looks adorable perched upon the black sheep's back Jack and Jill do indeed go up the hill and take their tumble but nothing seems to be seriously damaged in spite of the line broke his crown Little Miss Muffet is still frightened by a spider but in this case since nothing spilled from her bowl she must have finished her curds and whey first The final rhyme is the familiar Hey Diddle Diddle and the cat does play the fiddle and the dish does run away with the spoon 2004 orig 1986 PutnamPenguin Ages 6 mo to 3 —Marilyn CourtotResponse to Two Professional Reviews Both of these recommendations applaude Tomie’s interpretation of the classic nursery rhymes and bedtime stories we all know and love In the Publishers Weekly review it touches upon Tomie’s signature artwork which I thoroughly enjoyed in each nursery rhyme Evaluation of Literary Elements The size of this book would fit perfectly in any young child’s hands The thickness of each page which makes it easy to flip the bolded font and the few words on each page makes this the ideal book for a child starting to explore the world of reading and books I also found the illustrations in this text to be soothing and comforting Consideration of Instructional Application This book would be most beneficial for a child between the ages of 1 and 3 The simple rhyme scheme is very engaging for a young child to sing along hum clap to or tap a beat I would definitely use this book with a child that is first understanding the concept of reading rhythm song and rhyme

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D funniest illustrations Tomie's Baa Baa Black Sheep and Other Rhymes will instantly become a nursery favorit I really like Tomie dePaola's books I like the artwork a lot This book just has illustrations to Baa Baa Black sheep Jack and Jill Little Miss Muffet and Hey Diddle Diddle One of my favorite books of his is Strega Nona

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