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And beautiful to the Mafia underworld In the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark's staggering bestsellers Neeve Kearny is a woman determined to find the truth caught in a swirl of money and romance and stalked by a killer who's closer than she could ever dream. Ugh The story line fine but all the talk on fashion and m


THE DEAD WOMAN WORE RED Gossip columnist Ethel Lambston knew everything about everybody who was somebody so there were than enough suspects in her murder But for Neeve Kearny owner of an expensive Madison Avenue boutiue the killing of one of her best custo. Captivating read compellinginteresting and great storytel

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Mers had eerie echoes of another death that occurred many years earlier the murder of her own mother Suddenly Neeve is plunged into the mystery of Ethel Lambston's murder following a trail that leads from the glittering pleasure palaces of New York's rich. I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark's writing style The rea

  • Paperback
  • 318
  • While My Pretty One Sleeps
  • Mary Higgins Clark
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9780671673680

About the Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Alafair Burke she wrote the Under Suspicion series With her daughter

10 thoughts on “While My Pretty One Sleeps

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    Captivating read compellinginteresting and great storytelling One of my favorite books by this author paperback

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    While My Pretty One Sleeps is another harrowing mystery novel by Mary Higgins Clark I liked the story but it wasn't as exciting as some of Clark's other works The plot revolves around the death of Ethel Lambston the best selling author who wrote shocking articles about famous personalities Ethel was a wealthy public figure with a scumbag leech of a nephew and a hot tempered ex husband who was going bankrupt after paying her a total of 12000 dollars a year worth of alimony; not to mention all those people she wrote her articles about After her sudden disappearance her personal shopperdesigner Neeve Kearny was apt to uncover the mystery But unbeknownst to Miss Kearny her life was also threatened by the same man who killed her mother Myles Kearny the ex police Commissioner gets involved in the case when it is discovered that Ethel was killed in the same manner that his wife had been slit in the throat As they work to find the killer they discover just how close to home the case really isEvery time you think you know who the killer is the story takes you on a roller coaster ride of wonder and suspicion The depiction of the characters was clearly well thought out that you'd have a hard time guessing just who the culprit is I really liked the story

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    Got to page 56 and uit reading VERY boring

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    I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark I find that I have to have enough time to read because I get so involved in the book that I need to have everything right with the world again before I can stop reading

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    One of my favorite books so far by the ueen of Suspense She keeps me reading page after page book after book This book is absolutely thrilling You will be blown off your feet by who did it

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    I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark's writing style The reader learns exactly what happens what people say to each other what characters are thinking We see what they are wearing and what their surroundings are like However we have to draw conclusions for ourselves we are given enough clues to figure out the mystery but we are also given lots of red herrings The characters are all interesting and understandable even the villains This book is no different Set in the fashion industry in New York with characters that include the retired police commissioner a freelance writer muckraker and a publisher as well as the main character the owner of a posh fashion shop the book is rich in both character and action

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    Too much uick certain true love for my tasteClark also over uses some ten cent words in five cent spots such as solicitous she uses that one 3 times in the same page and a half spanIf this were my first foray into her universe of books I would probably not read any others There are too many authors out there who are better than this

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    Ugh The story line fine but all the talk on fashion and matching this with that got to be a bit much When a character changing outfits is not necessary to the plot in my opinion is pointless unless the outfit has significant ties to the storyline

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    Read this when I was like 12 and just reread The clothing descriptions are incredible

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    Pretty good but I like her latest stuff better This one you can tell was written in the 80s as CSI has really developed further now past simple fingerprinting lie detection tests Plus it was pretty obvious from about a uarter of the way in who the killer was Still I do love MHC's easy style She's up there with John Grisham for easy fun reads an author you know wont let you down

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