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Intelligence known as The Web Now it's up to a powerful warrior a fusion of human and alien nanotech intelligence to save humanity Origin. Keith AKA Ian Douglas finishes the series with aplomb Not what I expected at all which was nice 35 stars

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Rs in the course of battle The warring governments of occupied space have entered into an uneasy alliance against an unstoppable machine. This is the 6th book in the Warstrider series by William H Keith Jr aka Ian Douglas In this one The Web attacks Earth in an effort to make the sun go nova Meanwhile a new race makes contact with the Confederation They were attacked many thousands of years ago by the Web and their star was made to go nova thus destroying their planet Many thousands of them escaped on sub light speed spaceships and crossed many hundreds of light years looking for allies to fight the web They followed radio signals generated by the Confederation and came to human space Dev Cameron and his friends and his allies among the other races which include the DalRiss and the Naga set out to travel to the future and find out how to defeat the Web once and for all before it can destroy mankind and all other sentient life in the galaxy This book is a great read in this series and I recommend it to fans of Military Science FictionSpace Opera and fans of William H Keith Jr aka Ian Douglas There is one entry in this series entitled The Ten Billion Gods of Heaven and is a very short novel written 19 years after this book It only comes out in electronic form Kindle so I won't be reading it because I am old school and I don't read electronic books Note to authors who only publish books in electronic form You are losing readers with these electronic books because I personally know several people like me who will not read them Nuff said This is otherwise a great series

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The sixth entry in the action packed military SF series details the exploits of a rebel soldier who discovers frightening and potent powe. Oh noooootime travel I really hate when they bring in time travel on books or movies In most cases it is just a shoddy writer who cannot tie the story together without braking a few rules Even if it is a good writer it almost always ends up with paradoxes and other story destroying elements Ian Douglas is not a shoddy writer but for me the time travel did nothing positive for this book anywayIn general the book felt a bit different from the previous books It starts off nicely enough by throwing the reader straight into a warstrider battle on the Web’s home turf However then the book changes somewhat and dives into a lot of talk and discussions about intelligence especially collective biological evolution artificial minds and so on It is all very well written as usual but it does change the nature and in particular the pace of the book uite a lotThe artificial “Mastermind” that evolved during the last parts of the previous book also plays a fairly important role in this book In particular when the Web decided to go on the offensive Unfortunately towards the end of the book there are two primary story elements that I am not to happy with One is time travel which I have already expressed my views on and the other is the arrogant Hegemony’s desire to reintegrate the Confederation into the Hegemony by force if reuired The human race is fighting for its survival and some idiots continue to fight among themselves That kind of story always annoys meThis is the final book in the Warstrider series and I must say that I was underwhelmed with the ending There are really no ending at all Just a glimpse of some glorious future thanks to this bloody time travel nonsense I definitely had higher hopes for this final chapter in the series

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