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  • Nei Kung The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages
  • Kosta Danaos
  • English
  • 13 May 2019
  • 9780892819072

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    Like his previous book I also liked this one Although at the end of his previous book he started get somewhat personal about his views which continues in his second book But he is honest most books who write about “life” talk from a perspective that they know something and they're pretty sure about it he does the same but he stays humble about it and leaves room for changes which can sound somewhat “unprofessional” but is honest and real from my point of view where those who write in a sense to “know it all” have a narrow view of information It's like admitting that history is something that is not what it seems to be and also never documented from an objective point of viewI must disappoint you if you are looking for a book that show you how to become a Nei Kung expert or even show you basic techniues this book is not the book He talks about history and personal experiences and views on this realm of existence I also must ad that such book will never exist same way as there never will exist a book that will tell you exactly how to meditate But not all is lost he leaves clues along the way and if you are really want to become a “master” you'll become one by hard work and devotion not by reading a book but it helpsAs the same with the Magus of java his ego shows in some places and he wants to prove the existence of his teachers abilities which he also calls an “obsessions” It feels to me that this his a part that's keeping him from evolving to what he wants's to be He seems to be to concerned with the ideal ideas of the western views which probably become a blockage in believing in the true nature of life and yourselfAt some point's he does not go far enough but maybe he does not want to He talks about having problems with his sexuality and although hes read most things about meditation and eastern philosophy he does not seems to know or does not want to tell the reader about tantric yoga or about harnessing sexual energy during sex which will improve his practice Also if hes that keen of proving his theories he should go into the scientific point of view of orgone energy from Wilhelm Reich which he does but only strikes the surface Because he has a scientific background it would be interesting to do “western” testing on this subject and I think the material of Reich like an orgone accumulator will improve the harnessing of energy I'm not in a position to judge this Which disappointed me some what like in his previous book he talks about working with scientist and his master what does happen but he does say much about it which could be his personal fight with the westIt's a good book and I like his style He seems to know what hes doing and therefore staying in the mystic field and true to his nature and master It is one of those books that put everything back together which I've been researching in the past And with every page I read I say to myself “it reminds me of this subject” most of the time a few sentences later he talks about it

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Nei Kung The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages

Kosta Danaos ☆ 5 characters

Ei Kung The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages describes the practice of nei kung and how learning to control our ch'i can result in the release of dynamic energy that can be used for healing pyrogenesis telekinesis levitation telepathy and Danaos suggests that both components of ch'i yin and yang energy are fundamental to the earth and to life and were recognized and used in many of the world's ancient cultures Though we have forgotten how to access them these components are in fact elemental parts of us The author explains that we first must open our minds to the fact that the power of ch'i is real Next in learning to control our ch'i as a whole we must learn to channel our yang energy in productive ways a potential we all possess To help.

characters ¶ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Kosta Danaos

Explains the science behind the practice of nei kung the elemental nature of yin and yang energy the two components of ch'i and how learning to control the yang energy in our ch'i can result in the release of dynamic energy • Establishes the existence and understanding of nei kung in the practices of many of the world's ancient cultures • Includes a step by step guide to the meditation that forms the basis of the practice of nei kung • By Kosta Danaos author of The Magus of Java and apprentice to an immortal of the Mo Pai tradition In 1994 Kosta Danaos was accepted as a student by John Chang a Chinese Javanese Taoist in the Mo Pai tradition and a master of nei kung the practice of harnessing and controlling our body's bioenergy or ch'i N.

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Readers understand their capacity to connect with this inner elemental power the author offers a fascinating blend of teachings that include sound scientific theories explaining much of the magic of nei kung He also offers historical linguistic artistic and literary proof of the presence and understanding of nei kung throughout the ages and a step by step introduction to several types of simple meditation fundamental to directing one's ch'i With his engaging storytelling and disarming humor his physics based explanations for seemingly mystical phenomena and his reassurances that he's really no different from the rest of us Kosta Danaos shows us that once we remember our capacity to harness our yang energy we can change ourselves and our world.