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Imo dell'infanzia e la felicità del sogno sono gli elementi intrecciati con grazia e. Set in the northern Italian city of Ferrara against the rise of fascism during Mussolini's reign in power it's late 1930's and our narrator like Giorgio Bassani himself is a member of Ferrara’s Jewish community and this novel chronicles the early stages of the persecution of Italian Jews and little did I realise many Jews actually joined the Fascist Party and at first the racial laws don't really seem to bother many of the characters involved As a student our narrator is blacklisted from his local tennis club so is invited onto the estate of the wealthy and previously aloof Finzi Contini family which brings back memory's of his younger years where he had some feelings for the daughter Micol so now along with her brother Alberto and some other intelligent friends they share many good times together in the gardens and later on he gets to know other members of the family and spends time in their house it isn't long before his feelings grow for Micol and is clearly much in love with her but there is a sense that Micol and Alberto have led such a pampered life full of affluency that this may explain some of their behaviour at times especially Micol who I do believe was also in love but somehow struggled to show it Although this sort of reads like a love story it's far realistic than it is romantic in terms of how it deals with human emotions also I would definitely class this as a slow burner but this works so well because you really get drawn into the characters and their surroundings so plot makes way for mood and atmosphere during an important moment in their lives where war is looming the Finzi Contini estate becomes a safe haven and feels almost like a lost Eden in the eyes of those who spend time there As I can only go by the translation done very well by Jamie Mckendrick for this edition Bassani's uality of writing shines throughout and he was clearly one of the great European novelists

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Gli orrori della persecuzione fascista e razzista la crudeltà della storia l'incantes. An Elegy encapsulated in a garden Recalled through the torn veils of memory this semiautobiographical interlude evokes the life of the Finzi Contini a Jewish and wealthy Ferrarese family during the ominous late 1930sThose lives are revived during a visit to an Etruscan cemetery twenty years later Another kind of gardenThe novel opens for us a garden of lost youth where illusions grew in a fertile ground and where the possibilities seemed endless Echoes of the primeval garden of an overgrown paradise or of the Hortus Conclusus of protected virginity welcome us from the beginning since the title of the book acts as a kind of Welcoming BannerThe tale has then the sweet and bitter taste of tragic nostalgia Tragic because we know what is coming the Italy of the black shirts The inevitability of catastrophes in history easily seems evitable in posterity But Bassani immerses us in the original development of events and in its necessity we feel the imminence of tragedy It shrouds with dark tones the scented story of youth innocence and longing for love And we are not mistaken in our expectations as we come up to the enclosing limiting ending wallBut we are to remember and books can be like the centennial trees Witnesses of past ages

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Eleganza di uesto romanzo triste e dolcissimo La prima edizione del romanzo è del 196. There is no such thing as a happy place All places bring sadness Think even of places with the loudest laughter like a carnival Late in the night when all the visitors had left you'll see the ferris wheel and the other rides unmoving This one gay place suddenly desolate eery In China there's an abandoned theme park It has become to the local inhabitants nearby like a ghost townIn the back cover blurb and in the five page prologue of this novel you'll learn at once that except for the narrator all the principal protagonists here Italian Jews had perished during the second world war after they've been arrested and transported to Germany But this is not what makes this novel of unreuited love haunting In fact its story ends just before the outbreak of the war the narrator just mentioning the deaths in a short two page epilogue Like it doesn't really matter if these characters died the way they didBut the places Then ancient tombs of the Etruscans dead four or five thousand years ago their forgotten lives given recognition by a nine year old girl; the mausoleum of the Finzi Continis family with its last dead now unattended and had lost it fight against the relentless siege of the surrounding vegetation; the family's big house where once the Finzi Continis family lived the father the mother their beautiful daughter and her brother now eually isolated and forlorn; their tennis court scene of untiring matches among the siblings and their young friends now buried by weeds and detritus; the house's once glorious garden where the love central to the story was thought to have had its blossoming now but a dim shadow of its old grandeur Not the memory or the prose but it is the places which carry the sadness of the world

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About the Author: Giorgio Bassani

Giorgio Bassani was born in Bologna into a prosperous Jewish family of Ferrara where he spent his childhood with his mother Dora father Enrico a doctor brother Paolo and sister Jenny In 1934 he completed his studies at his secondary school the liceo classico L Ariosto in Ferrara Music had been his first great passion and he considered a career as a pianist; however literature soon became

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