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Punishment by Enema Training a Sexual Submissive

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Punishments are described and the book includes a very informative A section All of your concerns and uestions will be answered This book is graphic and to the point revealing many of his own seduction secrets gained by years of experien

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Author Paul Damas has outdone himself with this new book Punishment by Enema is a how to guide that describes in vivid detail various punishments and rewards used to train a young submissive partner male or female into becoming that much

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Coveted sex slave that will submit to practically anything you wish to do Starting out with ideas on how to protect yourself from relationships gone wrong he describes exactly what to do to reach your goal of having a sex slave Various

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2 thoughts on “Punishment by Enema Training a Sexual Submissive

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    This is for mm punishment than mf or ff punishment Still my mind is overwhelmed by this how to book on punishment It sounds extremely painful if erotic I'm debating if I would be able to handle any of them I guess I'm like a cat I'm so curious I kind of want to test it out first hand Since my DH is a friend on GR now he'll see this review ^^The diagrams pictures and detailed explanation helped The websites and references on where to purchase the instruments of torture were helpful The expected results and impact on the submissive being trained was definitely a plus I recommend this for people who want to discipline their naughty little boy or girl If you try this shoot me a message to let me know how it went Inuiring minds want to know

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    I do not recommend this book at all due to explicit and sexual contents as it was totally and purely disgusting the stories how people were punished sexually using an enema One part in this book there actually was a story where a man boiled hot water on the stove and he was very upset with his wife and he actually tied her up bound and gagged her face down and put the boiling hot water enema in her rectum and let all the boiling hot water go into her rectum and she was in so much pain it was horrible and how could any man do something like that to a woman and enjoy himself In today's society there truly are a lot of really sick and disturbed individuals out there that really need immediate mental health assistance before it is too late Always remember all emergency hospital rooms are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and they would be than happy to see you to get you off the streets and protect others from enema abuse Again I do not recommend this book to anyone and no pun intended but it really stinks

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