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He past five years she has lived a shameful life not of her choosing But she needs the help of her disturbingly handsome rescuer as danger catches up with th. i had a hard time imagning the accents i just read another scotish love novel and the speech was easier to imagine if youre looking for a lust filled novel this is not it if youre looking for a sappy thriller you found it its not awful its not amazing i finished it uickly but it was a good fun read

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Guy Tregellas Viscount Varington has a rakish reputation and when he discovers a beautiful woman washed up on a beach he is than intrigued He doesn't believe. it wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read but the characters had no personality the villain was just evil nothin else I was waiting for his backstory what made him complex but nothing I thought I liked the damsel in distresssavior trope but oh my GOSH helena was literally just so “I’m worthless” and every time we got a monologue about it it was no different from the last and his whole thing was “don’t think of the villain aha ur so sexy” if u know what I mean not enough romance too much plot imo I was expecting romance for my first harleuin book sad hard to develop a compelling romance when the characters are just SO BORING though idk I had a fun time showing my friends that I was reading this though maybe I’ll read a better written harleuin but I’m glad to have completed this rite of passage oh my gosh I almost forgot about her skin was like cream did you know her skin is so creamy like beautiful white cream her skin is so stark against the richness of her full red hair and her dark green eyes and I literally cannot Stand It multiple moments of “shes not aware of her own beauty”ok ya this book was bad I don’t want to commit any of my time to it thx bye

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Her claims that she is a respectable widow and is determined to seduce the truth out of herHelena McGregor must escape Scotland to anonymity in London For t. Intriguing story but too much violence

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Untouched Mistress
  • Margaret McPhee
  • English
  • 28 December 2017
  • 9780373295210

About the Author: Margaret McPhee

There is than one author with this nameMargaret McPhee lives on the West Coast of Scotland with her husband and her pet rabbit called Gwinnie who at eight years of age is a grand old lady of the rabbit world Margaret trained as a scientist but was always a romantic at heart She met her husband uite literally between science labs on a staircase which was an advantageous first meeting p

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