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Norman Thomas Early Civil Rights Activist

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S warfare believing that socialism should replace capitalism through democratic means and without violence But this fundamental difference in Socialist and Communist principles did not deter Thomas from continuing attempts to persuade others that Socialists and Communists could co operate in attaining that goalIn this work Raymond F Gregory examines Norman Thomas' life from the perspective of his lifelong endeavor to attain justice and euality for the poor and the oppressed of his tim.

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Norman Thomas for over fifty years a relentless advocate for justice and euality for all Americans was convinced that socialism was the sole path to economic and political justiceHe advocated the adoption of economic programs that ultimately became the fabric of American life social security unemployment insurance minimum wage laws a ban on child labor workers' compensation and anti discrimination lawsFighting to relieve underprivileged workers from the extremes of a capitalistic syst.

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Em he was subjected to physical attack was tear gassed arrested and jailed Unuestionably a man of great courage Thomas also was a man far in advance of his time anticipating an ever expanding welfare state and an international interdependency inspired by a global economySix times the Socialist Party candidate for President Thomas promoted a brand of socialism that shunned class conflict and the violence of revolution Thomas repeatedly condemned Communist Party advocacy of violent clas.

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