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Os to justice She had to escape from the golden cage in which they'd entrapped her Millions of lives depended on it But howWith no options left Aubrey went on the run with the Adrianos' young heir and an ancient manuscript containing.

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She'd become an obsession to the patriarch of the deadly and powerful Adriano family but not for the reasons she'd thought For Aubrey de Lune aka antiuities thief Dr Ginny Moon had ties to a legacy that could finally bring the Adrian.

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A shocking historical secret Pursuit was swift and now she had just hours to seduce the child's brooding bodyguard keep the heir safe from his bloodthirsty family and pull off a heist so impossible it would surely be the death of he.

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    I'm enjoying having different authors write each book in this series This one was suspenseful You really feel for AubreyGinny she got royally screwed I like that she still cares warning Scarlet helping Nicole so I'm not sure why Eric thinks she's lost so much of herself Didn't really have much to go on for Eric He is there but I didn't feel like I understood him very much view spoilerand the long distance romance seems tough enough without worrying it will unmask him as a spy hide spoiler

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