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As certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was dangerous than any force in the universe she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell of seduction he wove around her struggling uselessly against his. Good good book Anya is on a space station when a torpedo looking thing is coming straight at them Inside is Legion an alien that is searching for other aliens anything like him because he's the sole survivor from his planet Well that's not true his hated twin brother Zavier also survived but Legion doesn't count him They both think Anya's the only one for them Cute story reminds me a little of the Cyborg books by this author under Kaitlyn O'Connor with the guys beating the shit out of each other This book is worth a read


Determination to win her as his mateShe was lost long before she discovered hed lied to her even as he seduced her His world and his people might have been lost to him but he wascertainly not alone And Zavier was just as powerful. You know this was a good book by KO but I just didn't like the story I did 't like the first 75% of it then I started to like it and I'm not sure why SLIGHTLY spoilerish reviewuick Rundown DoctorScientist Chickgeez I can't even write a uick rundown on this because it would spoil too muchCharacterization Pretty good I liked the chick and the secondary characters were well done as always But I didn't like the 2 Dudes in the book toward the very end when they got their issues worked out They weren't written badly there's just something about them that I didn't like I think it was what they were I've read romance stories with deities before and don't recall having issues but for some reason I just was not feeling the issue between these two dudes and what happened because of their issue vague I know but I don't want to include spoilersPlot Kind of a new one for me and not one I enjoyed till the endingOverall I can't not recommend it as I think my issues with it were personal though I'm not sure what they were I don't think I liked that he fucked other chicks in their heads and manipulated them and never was really remorseful of it I don't like how they were essentially childlike deities I didn't like how their issues overshadowed their concern or relationship with the Chick And I don't think I was feeling that destinedmate bond that they were feeling I just think this theme wasn't for me I will say that the ending was one of the best fleshed out in regards to the ending Most of KA books feel like the ending is rushed and is wrapped up in a couple pages that skip necessary scenes This one had a fully fledged out ending but even the ending couldn't make me give it stars cause I just wasn't feeling it overall

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Just as arrogant and just as determined to claim herRatingCarnal Contains two heroes explicit sex graphic language and ménage a trois Expanded from the novella Pleasure Master previously released in the anthology Phoenix Rising I.

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