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Law Olmsted to the peculiar medical specimens of the Warren Museum; from Arts and Athletics to Towers and Tuition from the very real environs Cambridge Charles River and uincy Street to the Harvard of Hollywood and fiction Harvard A to Z is a browser's delight offering readers the chance to dip into the history and lore the character and culture of America's foremost institution of higher learning.

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Open this book and step into the storied corridors of the nation's oldest university; encounter the historic landmarks and curiosities; and among them meet the famous dropouts and former students the world class scholars eccentrics and prodigies who have given the institution its incomparable characterAn alphabetical compendium of short but substantial essays about Harvard University its undergradu.

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Ate college and nine professional schools this volume traverses the gamut of Harvardiana from Aab and Admissions to X Cage and Z Closet In between are some two hundred entries written by three Harvard veterans who bring to the task over 125 years of experience within the university The entries range from essential facts to no less interesting ephemera from the Arnold Arboretum designed by Frederick.

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