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R Friedrich Ritter an eccentric German intellectual and his long suffering companion Dora Strauch were the first arrivals Once established they were soon joined by others Most bizarre and dangerous was the self styled Baroness Wagner Bosuet She ruled her three young male lo. Floreana is one of the islands in Judith Schalansky's Atlas o


Over half a century ago fanciful and exotic stories began to appear in the world's press about settlers on the remote Galapagos island of Floreana The tales were of nudism free love communes stainless steel dentures a latter day Garden of Eden But the truth was even strange. read in AprilI've posted about this book along with the two o

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Vers with a riding crop a pearl handled revolver and insatiable sexual demands terrorising other settlers Her mysterious disappearance and the discovery of unidentified bodies on a nearby island perplexed the world Now The Galapagos Affair unravels the whole incredible stor. I'm trying to follow my friend's lead and rate each book acco The Polaris Protocol (Pike Logan, follow my Immigrants in Our Own Land friend's lead and rate each book acco

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