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    Not for meI just could not get into this book The premise that they are from another dimension and fell through a rift and can't remember their time in the other side is pretty cool and I like that there are natives like vampires etc What I didn't like is that our MC seemed juvenile to me She and draven had unnecessary moments of fighting against each other Mostly I got annoyed when she just gave up the stone so dang easily after having been told she absolutely shouldn't do it and then had the nerve to resist giving draven information on where he can begin to look for it basically a lot of the scenes just seemed forced into the book to further the plot she just made dumb choices There's intrigue into what the mc can do but no hunt as to why she was magicless but I just felt There was too much that needed explaining No sex or intrigue but hints that she and craven are attracted to each other no cussing

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    I have come to really like this author’s writing and I was given access to this first novel in a series I hadn’t read yet Seline is an interesting character especially how she takes such good care of Fate who is interesting but not uite developed much in this book I really didn’t like Draven He is really harsh especially in the beginning and I think his approach to the conscription of beings that fell through the rifts is a little mean and unforgiving He seemed to be better in the end but why so darn harsh before? And why would you be attracted to someone like that? Overall I think this book and series has potential as the regular part of the universe and plot are very good but Draven will have to do something really good to redeem himself Recommend

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    A messI was disappointed after expecting an awesome story from the high reviews This plot is a chaotic mess The snarky heroine talks big but is clueless The typos were distracting Too much randomness without explanation to keep me interestedRead in KU

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    Wings of Light begins when the heroine is captured and taken to the Obsidian Order She is forced to undergo trials in order to keep herself and her best friend alive However nothing may be what it seems As her powers start to come to light things get strange and unsettling for the heroine I liked this one however it did have some parts that were a tad bit annoying and the heroine really gave up easily on things and then the end seemed like a major turnaround for the hero as well But I still liked it and plan to try in the series

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    Wings of Light introduces a new series by Katerina I enjoyed this new start very much If you would like a fun new series to start on with Fairies this promises to be a good one As usual the world building was as it usually is with Katerina's books engaging from the start The characters are fun and interesting The plot will keep your interest The female lead is just how i like them fiesty and head strong There are some funny moments which is a must for me Cannot be serious all the time Overall I believe this is going to be a good series with the first look with Wings of Light introducing us to the characters and the world

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    Thrilling readSix 🌟 rating Katerina loaded this novel with serious ass kicking fight scenes between intergalactic magickal species threat of drama or death to many and her own special brand of fun that made this a joy to read Some scenes were laugh out loud funny while others had me cringing and trying to duck the next punch The stellar writing puts you right there with the characters makes you care about them The sights sounds and smells come to life lifting off the page and taking you on the magickal journey that is a Katerina Martinez novel Once you read one book you'll have to read them all They are that wonderfulI never give spoiler reviews suffice to say that you can feel the uplifting energy that is uniuely Katerina's in each story you read All of her books have that spark of fun imaginative grace that is so lacking in most modern day writing

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    Wings of Light by Katerina Martinez takes us into a new world in the first book in The Obsidian Order series Earth remains but there are rifts that are bringing other creatures to mingle with the supes who live here already Their magic disguises them so that they appear human but human instinct lets humans know that these “human” look alikes are not human but something different Seline is one of those creatures She’s been on Earth for 10 years and has fought long and hard to keep herself and her friend Fate safe Too bad she took on a job for a Naga that has long reaching conseuences Their lives are about to change in a big way Seline is about to learn about what is going on around her than she had originally wanted Now she’s being given a choicepass these trials survive and join the Order or fail and both her and Fate’s lives will be forfeit Add in that her Naga “friend” is still after herand wellfun times ahead ladies and gentlemenWings of Light is an engaging urban fantasyparanormal novel Seline is being from another world who found herself pulled through a rift Apparently these rifts are one way streets and there is no going back Seline is hard as tacks and street savvy She knows the ins and outs and whom to avoid to stay just a step ahead in the fight for survival in the big city I like that she takes such good care of Fate and does her best for her friend She’s dedicated to keeping her safe and I applaud thatI have to say I have a bit of a lovehate relationship towards Seline right now One minute I like her the next I honestly want to smack her Haha I get that the author wants her to have uite a bit of snark and attitude but there are moments of where I feel that Seline goes than a step too far There are several instances of where I honestly expected someone to take her down a few pegs so that she can fully understand the situation that she finds herself in On a level I felt it would have been fitting if another Order had gotten a hold of her and given her a taste of what it’s like with them so that she can appreciate the people who have been aiding her so far Despite my complicated feelings towards Seline this is an enjoyable book overall There are characters that I enjoyed not liking from the beginning The author writes in some uniue twists into the story that helps keep it engaging and moving smoothly I’m looking forward to reading about these characters in future books I’m especially hopeful that Rey and Fate will be incorporated as I find that Fate balances Seline some and I just love Rey Haha I am rating this book 45 out of 5 stars

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    Started off strong had some really good action scenes but was a bit hmm i cant find the right word but grating or hard to get through the rest of the time and the whole romance angle seems so bizarre and off and idk i love the main plot idea but its just executed in a way that rubs me wrong and the romance element seriously doesnt sit well with me at all and seems really dark pun unintended lol like yeah yuck itd be 2 stars if the story concept werent so good for a bit there i wondered if itd be like friggen fallen series and i still have my doubts since i grew out of that series before the seuel came out so seeing this fucked up abusive toxic environment and dude and her reaction to it its just nope no thankyou and you cant go from that to oh i actually like you 180 on the situation its one thing to be cold another completely to be cruel or really psycho seriously So ifk if ill read the rest of the series ive realised i have a bad habit of letting the first book slide and unfortunately if the first book is ARDUOUS thats the word i was looking for than the rest will probably piss me off until it gets rid of the drama and mystery for the sake of it nonsense Like nooooo dont fall into that trap You skimmed over so much good stuff like academy esue magic vibes and lore and like jesus it would start getting interesting then its skip it all and move on to something else or have another cringey weirdo toxic fuck boy nonsense scene and then another violent scene and then itd be drama mystery crap then oh rinse and repeat Which is a god damn crying shame because when the story was good IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD Like i can not even tell you how much i lovex what world building there was and the different magics and species? And like ugh fucking give me girl friendships over random hatred anyday Thank fuck if that were in there i mightve called it uits and not bothered forcing myself to finish the thing Just ooo i want to see the amazing story idea through but when i think of how i felt trying to get through this its enough to make me feel like ill break out in a cold sweat Maybe i could try skip to the good scenes or something the tragedy i know and i never do that unless its a reread but oh how i want to

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    HmmmmI read this after reading another of this author’s series that I absolutely loved Then I read this and I want to rate it a 2 but grrr I loved the world she created I think it might be unfair to rate it lower However wow I skipped a lot because she was just so irritating This guy picks her up and in a blink pins her to the wall by the throat and she can’t do anything to get him off her When he lets her go she threatens him Oh he’s scared and honestly based on the world she should have been straight up killed seriously I want to curse that’s how much this irritated me Her actions didn’t make her tough they made her look like an idiot repeatedly Okay deep breath the FMC is just really ignorant and instead of taking advantage of the resources while simultaneously plotting an escape she pisses people off This didn’t change until chapter 9 and she finally starts to see the benefits and starts actually putting some effort into learning what she can However because it took so long for her to get over herself any kind of emotional connection I could have forged was beyond damaged She was so busy obsessing about Fate that she basically forced her will on her Draven wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to have any opinion on him Like he was just kind of “there” blah Most of the characters were like that really just sort of background noise But I dig the cat The cat made of an impact than the romantic interestI’m not sure I can read the next book I was so disappointed by her behaviour and attitude that it sort of ruined things for me So tragic because this world she created was uite compelling and that alone drew me in I’m not sure if I would have finished the book of not for that I think I’m bad at reviews but I may not have like the FMC but plenty of people will I think most UF readers will enjoy the creatures and the hidden “others” in NYC Having lived there myself you can totally get how you’d just pass people without ever paying any attention to them at all which makes a great hiding place eh? Happy reading

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    I actively disliked this book I appreciate that the author has invested a lot of time and effort into writing the story and I am very grateful we continue to have authors willing to write In that vein I try to focus on positive things in my reviews to showcase books to people with different reading preferences to myself This story aggravated me The main character was forcible kidnapped and led to believe she was conscripted into a war and would die if she wasn't strong enough Her friend was used as a live hostage and anytime she dared to ask any uestions which frankly as a reasonable person she would have a lot of uestions she was condescended to by her kidnapper Who then was repeatedly patronising anytime they interacted Almost like he believed that she was acting unkindly I stuck with the book hoping it might improve or that I might find redeeming characteristics that I could extole in my review Instead I find myself upset I invested time into pushing through the narrative hunting for nice things to say Nice things I didn't find any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors The book was very well edited Bad things Draven was a jerk the story was highly coercive and dismissive of the main character and her life The underlying story didn't engage me in the overaching narrative and I didn't have any emotional connections to the characters I'm sure this book will be enjoyed by some readers but it really wasn't in my wheelhouse I won't be reading the rest of the series

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Bsidian Order and he gives me a choice join their ranks or die All I have to do is pass a series of deadly trials competing against a bunch of supernaturals who want me dead Sounds easy right There’s one problem with that; I have no memories of my past which means I don’t have the skills to compete Now I have to learn magic fast because I’ve been pr. Wings of Light b Pricing Strategy: How to Price a Product their ranks or die All I have Migration and the Refugee Dissensus in Europe: Borders, Security and Austerity to do is pass a series of deadly Lamby Lamb trials competing against a bunch of supernaturals who want me dead Sounds easy right There’s one problem with Changed By His Son's Smile that; I have no memories of my past which means I don’t have Elgg 1.8 Social Networking the skills Beautiful Bandit to compete Now I have Change Your Future Through Time Openings to learn magic fast because I’ve been pr. Wings of Light b

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Learn to fight Pass my trials Stay alive As long as I can keep my supernatural origins hidden my life is simple It’s just my best friend and me against the world eating dried Ramen and peas watching reality TV and laying low in the city that never sleeps That is until Draven a dangerously attractive hunter tracks me down and kidnaps me He’s with the O. Not for meI just A Lady Never Meddles in Murder to fight Pass my Sluggy Slug trials Stay alive As long as I can keep my supernatural origins hidden my life is simple It’s just my best friend and me against Pricing Strategy: How to Price a Product the world eating dried Ramen and peas watching reality TV and laying low in Migration and the Refugee Dissensus in Europe: Borders, Security and Austerity the city Lamby Lamb that never sleeps That is until Draven a dangerously attractive hunter Changed By His Son's Smile tracks me down and kidnaps me He’s with Elgg 1.8 Social Networking the O. Not for meI just

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Omised my best friend will die if I fail and if we both die the secret we’re carrying could fall into the wrong hands Then it’s all over Wings of Light is a fast paced urban fantasy with characters that'll make you laugh gripping scenes that'll make you frantically turn pages to find out what happens next and sizzling romance that'll leave you wanting. HmmmmI read this