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His Boy Next Door His Boy Next Door #25 30

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Channon never thought life could be like this A career he enjoys an apartment overlooking the Santa Rita harbor and Jack the man who made it all possible The man who loves him The man who taught him the ecstasy of submission Still life with Jack isn HookedSeason 3 has me hooked than ever The web of intimacy between Nate Ewan Jack and Channon is wonderfulI'm particularly enad of Ewan fierce and bitey but endearingly protective of Channon Channon becoming his own person Honestly if you're into the BDSM genre this whole series is fantastic

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Ave last And what does it mean when the boundaries of a relationship are non traditional when Jack's desires push Channon to places he never imagined he could go This collection includes the complete Season Three episodes 25 to 30 of an ongoing seri Loving ThisI wasn’t sure when I started reading this where it would go I was a little stuck on Channon being so young but then as I read and I could see why Jack was a perfect fit for him I love how “good” he is and the scenes with Nate HOT I love the relationship between Channon and Ewan and I’m still curious about exactly what Jack and Nate meant and mean to each other I can’t wait to keep learning and seeing where these guys all go and exactly how much they play a part in each other’s story GREAT READ

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't predictable and Channon can't help wondering how long this can last What does Jack want from him in the end Can Channon be everything Jack wants Is his best is good enough for the man he calls Sir What does Jack want Can this fragile thing they h This story just keeps getting better

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