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His Boy Next Door His Boy Next Door #25 30

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't predictable and Channon can't help wondering how long this can last What does Jack want from him in the end Can Channon be everything Jack wants Is his best is good enough for the man he calls Sir What does Jack want Can this fragile thing they h. Season threeMoray's

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Channon never thought life could be like this A career he enjoys an apartment overlooking the Santa Rita harbor and Jack the man who made it all possible The man who loves him The man who taught him the ecstasy of submission Still life with Jack isn. Oh I’ve said it b

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Ave last And what does it mean when the boundaries of a relationship are non traditional when Jack's desires push Channon to places he never imagined he could go This collection includes the complete Season Three episodes 25 to 30 of an ongoing seri. Loving ThisI wasn Revival - Deluxe Collection, Volume 1 relationship are non traditional when Jack's desires push Channon to places he never imagined he could go This collection includes the complete Season Three episodes 25 to 30 of an ongoing seri. Loving ThisI wasn

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    HookedSeason 3 has me hooked than ever The web of intimacy between Nate Ewan Jack and Channon is wonderfulI'm particularly enad of Ewan fierce and bitey but endearingly protective of Channon Channon becoming his own person Honestly if you're into the BDSM genre this whole series is fantastic

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    HawtAs usual this was a hot instalment I really like that it has a storyline and not just hot sex Keeps you invested in the lives of Channon Jack and their friends I think we need to see of Ewan There’s definitely a story there

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    Oh I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it I love these books Jack and Channon are two of my favorite characters Can’t wait for season four

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    I am so addicted to this series I don't know what it is exactly that I love about it because it's not plot heavy but the sex is still hot even at this point

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    This story just keeps getting better

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    Season threeMoray's BDSM novels both the Channon Beaumont and Ewan McKinney series are some of the best out there I love her writing style I've read all her books and the way she writes the narrative for each character's point of view matches their personality and dialogue Her obvious knowledge of BDSM is either firsthand or she's done a lot of research from other people who do have personal experience As someone in the BDSM community myself her description and terminology are spot on Cold canings ARE the worstIn Season Three there are two supporting characters who figure prominently Nate and Ewan Nate's presence has gradually grown through the stories and the addition of Ewan in Season Two was a true stroke of genius Nate is a satisfying foil for Jack but Ewan is a brilliant foil for Channon I find myself adoring Ewan as much as I adore Channon As Channon thinks at one point it was like trying to talk to a pissed off cat caught in a rose bushEwan coaxes both wittingly and not a bit of rebelliousness out of Channon that's sorely needed at this point in the novels It's important to note that anyone who finds Channon's perfect devotion to Jack and pliancy as a result has never met a true submissive They really are that desperate to please Still it's a joy to see Channon outside of his relationship with Jack The sexual tension between them is subtle but I found myself begging please let them hook up please Nate and Jack are amusedly aware of the sexual tension between their two boys Ewan thinks his crush on Channon isn't obvious and Channon is oblivious to his growing desire for EwanThe play scenes never get old Moray does a good job of keeping things spicy but there is story to these stories than just erotica There has been from the beginning I love all her books; she has a lot of variety in her oeuvre Her characters her sense of humor her obvious affection and devotion to her characters her masterful ability to maneuver them into sometimes outrageous situations without letting the settings overwhelm the heart of the story these are all reasons why I have given almost all her books 5 starsI can't wait for Season Four so I've gone back to the beginning to read all over again as I wait

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    Really really damn enjoyableStar rating is for what I’ve read of the series as a whole rather than individual booksinstallments and includesHis Boy Next Door Season OneHis Boy Next Door Season TwoHis Boy Next Door Season ThreeA Collar for His Brat Season One Nate and EwanTwo Plus Two Naughty Advent twenty four short shortsCollision Course not technically part of the Boy Next Door series and free to newsletter subscribers

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    Read along as Jack allows Channon to have a play dateChannon is working diligently at being perfect for Jack and dreading the possibility that Jack will trade him in on a better model wonders if he could be a polished submissive Jack sends him to Sub School which apparently is much the same as regular middle school except with Drama In the meantime Channon makes friends with Ewan and is well on his way to becoming a Real BoyThere’s loads and loads of sex and you get a little tired of Channon’s excessive self esteem problems But it’s a fun and uick read where there’s not a lot of angsty navel gazingwhich is just perfect for me these days

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    Loving ThisI wasn’t sure when I started reading this where it would go I was a little stuck on Channon being so young but then as I read and I could see why Jack was a perfect fit for him I love how “good” he is and the scenes with Nate HOT I love the relationship between Channon and Ewan and I’m still curious about exactly what Jack and Nate meant and mean to each other I can’t wait to keep learning and seeing where these guys all go and exactly how much they play a part in each other’s story GREAT READ

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    Even better than the first two impossible as that may seemI almost didn't read this one just because it felt like Jack and Channon already had a perfect story and i didn't want anything to mess it up but in the end I couldn't resist especially when tempted with the prospect of Channon actually saying NO to somethingThis was a very sweet and romantic story while still ramping up the kink and sexiness to a delightful degree I loved it and I'm diving into book 4 immediately