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Palau Author Luis Palau

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Millions and counseling world leaders Luis' life is filled with adventure risk and faithA very personal book with never before told stories and a 16 page photo insert Luis recounts losing his father at an early age and caring for his five siblings and his mother He shares how as a teenager he heard Billy Graham speak and decided to follow in his steps How he was brought to the United States by a faith filled pastor named Ray Stedman from Palo Alto California How he came to find friendship and support from Mr Graham later in life And how the Lord Himself has b. Blessed by his lifeSo interesting to learn about his life He is candid about his struggles and how the Lord has been with him at every step He preaches the simple Good News just like Jesus

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Lessed challenged and guided Luis and his team into some of the most exciting evangelistic campaigns the world has ever seenWith each chapter Luis shares a foundational lesson that influenced his life and will inspire and challenge your faith Learn about his mother's indomitable trust in God Ponder what it means to live fully surrendered to Christ like Luis' beloved wife Pat And when you hear of the uiet heroes who touched and saved Luis' family you'll discover his life message that the gospel of Jesus is good news shared by humble even unseen servants of God. Such a moving memoir Luis really honored the people in his life The stories were beautiful and from the heart I loved reading it

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Palau A Life on Fire  is a deeply spiritual and intimate interview with a man who knows life is drawing to an end but is only seeing the light grow This collection of guiding principles from one of the most respected evangelists of our day Luis Palau will spark in you a fiery faith to live out the good news of Jesus ChristOne of the world's most influential religious leaders shares his legacy message and spiritual memoir for the first time Tracing his faith journey from humble beginnings on the streets of Buenos Aires Argentina to sharing the good news with. I cannot say enough good things about this book It is not just a book about the evangelist Luis Palau but it is a book that will challenge you to walk closer to Jesus every day and to share His love with others It is a very interesting book that had my attention from the beginning as well as being a very informative story It is a biography and a book on Christian livingThis is one of the best books I have read