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The Afterlife of Objects Phoenix Poets Series

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Both intensely personal and deeply rooted in recognizable events of personal familial or national significance The Afterlife of Objects is a kind of dreamed autobiography With poise and skill Dan Chiasson. I bought this book when it first came out in 2002 and read it cover to cover I remember being blown away by the poems and have held onto it for that reason I have recently returned to my practice of reading at least one poem daily and so I picked this one back up but I didn't have nearly the same response Maybe my taste in poetry has evolved but maybe and I think this a likely scenario it's about where I am in my life right now I believe that poetry speaks so strongly to feeling and mood that poets and poems will resonate at some points in our lives than others and that the book I rate a three today I may have rated a four back in 2002 and may rate a five or a two some day in the future I will also say that two of the last poems in the book Self Storage and Aubade particularly Aubade are now among my favorite poems

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Divulges the enigmas of the mind of not just one individual but of an entire social world through a beautifully constructed poetic voice that issues from a kind of mythic childhood of our collective tortur.

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Ed humanity This sophisticated debut collection offers deceptively simple poems that evoke highly complex states of mind with a voice that has long been listening to the discordant music of contemporary li. Dan Chiasson is a talented poet But some of the poems in this first collection feel too clever and with the overload of references to say Horace pretentious Though the poems are well written at times I wasn't compelled to read on

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