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Wolfs Bane Otherworld Kate and Logan #1

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Paperback ebook release of 2018’s serialized novel about the teen children of Elena Clay from my Otherworld series When Kate and Logan Danvers are targeted by a pack of Australian werewolves they aren’t nearly as concerned your average sixteen year olds might be The twins are werewolves themselves children of the American Pack Alpha and her enforcer mate For Kate and Logan the threat is an opportunity to pro. As per the author This is a YA duology that ends with a cliffhangerIf you don't like cliffhangers then wait until March 2020 when the second book is released Don't give the book 1 or 2 stars simply because you don't like cliffhangersMy review I am a huge Kelley Armstrong fan and will read anything that she writes The Women of the Otherworld series is my favorite adult paranormal series I have read every book and every novella I love this series Wolf's Bane is a spin off YA series narrated by Kate and Logan the twins from the Otherworld books who are now 16 years oldWolf's Bane is the first book of a YA paranormal duology that ends with a cliffhangerThe werewolves especially Clay and Elena have always been my favorites So I was so beyond excited to get a new series narrated by the kidsClay Elena Jeremy and Nick were in the very beginning of this book And even though this is a book about the teens I so wish that they had been in of the book I also wish that we would have gotten to see other favorite characters from The Women of the Otherworld seriesKate and Logan alternate narrating chapters 1st person POVs Most of the book takes place at a campyouth leadership conference for supernatural teens There is some romance in this book There is also a mystery about what is going on at the conference I don't mind that this duology ends with a cliffhanger But I would have liked to have happen in this first book I wish that the leadership conference had been of a conference And I wish that had been figured out in the first bookCan you read this without having read any of the Women of the Otherworld books Yes and no Yes you could follow the story easily without having read any of the previous books But I honestly feel like this book will appeal much to fans of the Otherworld series who want to see the twins grown up This book felt like a novella to me An extra story to show what happened to the twins But not necessarily a series that could stand on its own This book was cute It was nice seeing the twins grown up I hope that the second book gives us some answers to all of the uestions left unanswered Also I really want to see Clay Elena and Paige


Ercises They’re both wrongInstead the twins find themselves thrust into a situation that’s uickly devolving into anarchy What seems like teen hormones in overdrive becomes something much dangerous even deadly Add in a strange magic warded cabin in the woods and a local history rife with curses and macabre legends and it becomes clear this was a really really bad place to build a camp for teenage supernatural. Logan and Kate Danvers get sent to Supernatural Summer Camp but what with strangely aggressive campers weird sexual undertones unknown supernaturals and camp leaders who seem to be fuelling the aggressionAs Kelley Armstrong has noted this is part 1 of a two part story so it ends on a cliff hanger but for a novella length book this certainly packs a punch camp fires were never like this in my day

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Ve they’re full members of the Pack Their parents see it a little differently and ship them off to a supernatural teen leadership conference while the adults handle the AustraliansLevel headed Logan is disappointed at the lost adventure but looks forward to making new contacts in the supernatural world Hot tempered Kate is furious at being kept out of battle and anticipates a torturous week of team building ex. Be warned the end is a terrible cliffhanger Told from Kate and Logan's POVs the story focuses on a summer campmeeting of the supernatural races I'm not completely sold on these new characters Logan in particular makes some choices that don't uite make sense for his character But it's an intriguing set up and the end made me want to know

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