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    Meet Sophie a young girl whose parents died when she was a baby Meet the BFG A big friendly giant who refuses to eat little children with the other big mean giants One night Sophie is watching out her window and she spots the BFG He sees her watching him and snatches her from her bed and takes her to his cave After talking for a while they become best friends They work together to try and save the children of the world from the other big mean giants who eat little chiddlers Will they succeed???I can connect this book to the world I can make this connection because every day people protest against things that they think is wrong Sometimes those things actually are wrong and sometimes those people are just ignorant butt heads Sophie and the BFG are fighting against the big mean giants who eat kids Other groups protest against animal torture or types of stuff taught in school I gave this book four stars because although i really liked the story it was a really easy read I was thinking of maybe getting a bunch of my friends together and acting out a different scene every week for little kids and for community service which some of my friends think is cools I recommend this book to Roald Dahl fans actors and people who like reading scripts better than actual books

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    This is one of my favorite authors of all time

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    This book is very funny and i recommend it to anyone that likes fantasy and adventure

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    it is a good book

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    Roald Dahl you did it again a fantastic book about what you say well let you dreams come trueSophie is one lucky girl she got to she a giant but what kind of giant was it mean mad sad ugly nasty no it was the BFG The Big Friendly Giant Sophie goes on an amazing adventure with The BFG including seeing the other mean giants Sophie and The BFG also got to meet the ueen of the UK The ueen helps them get rid of the mean old giants but there is a little problem To find out what The BFG and Sophie go through you will have to read the book to find out what an amazing adventure they have together JAELYN

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    The Big Friendly Giant35🌟 but I'm sure I would have given it at least 4 🌟 if I were a child Insightful Funny Charming The whole book seems to be a metaphor to me All the children in the world have their monsters and their nightmares but they also have beautiful dreams and wonderful friends That's childhood and BFG is certainly one of those wonderful friends He is a hero to all the children in the world He is like a father not just for Sophie but for children in general He is selfless wise patient caring and brave He makes the children dream and gives them wings Sophie a poor orphan comes to meet and befriend him Couldn't any child do the same? The whole idea of it is just magical When I found out how exactly the book included the ueen I thought this is so funny to include the ueen of England in a children's book as a friend of Sophie's and of BFG's This makes it even plausible But the most stunningly believable moment in the book the one that brings uncertainty and makes you wonder ''Had this actually happened?'' is the last page when it is said that BFG is the actual author This genuinely brings the uncertain ambiguous character of the fantastic literature I admit there were things that disturbed me but I think they belong to the childish aspect of the book This is of course a children's book and children's adorable selfishness and absurdity must be found here for example in the fact that it is said to be funny that the other giants are in pain; the fact that at first BFG actually kidnaps Sophie and wants to keep her there forever; in the way BFG speaks to the commanders But I'm not that radical I understand that all these things are meant to be entertaining and adventurous and I bet children really had fun I am not going to lie As a teenager I had fun too Or better said my inner child had fun I liked BFG as I said and I also really liked Sophie so bright for her age so kind and curious I'd think that Sophie is the one every child wants to be like and that BFG is the hero every child wants to meet My favourite parts of the book were those about dreams About finding them preparing them and delivering them The passion BFG has regarding them A lonely giant spreading dreams to children all around the world forcing himself not to eat them because of his love for humans This idea This idea is fantastic Reading this book made me smile It brought me hope and positive energy I want to thank Lia my nine year old sister who persuaded me to read it ❤️

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    “ The BFG” written by Roald Dahl talks about a girl called Sophie met a giant he’s not a bad giant as the other giants At the beginning it talks about one night in the orphanage Sophie couldn’t slept She waited at the window and she met the giant the giant brought her away to his house but he didn’t harms her In the middle of the story that the other giants seems they knew there was a person and they eat humans Sophie and the good heart giant went away trying to flee But it’s not a good plan to just ran away So in the end of the story Sophie had a plan she let the good heart giant brought a nightmare to the ueen of England talked about the giants destroying the place Finally their plan did work the ueen of England let the soldiers went to get the giants away the good heart giant stayed with Sophie and they’re very good friends

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    These plays can be done with minimal amounts of effort and fuss immediately describes tens of difficult to create or source props as well as directions for sound effects lighting sound puppetry and physics defying downwards bubbles All joking aside these are a pretty decent set of children's plays that are of use to teachers and any Legs Akimbo style theatre troupe

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    I road some books for roald dahl and i realy love this book I think this book is very fun to read because it is very creative and if there is a play like this I will really want to see itSome of Roald Dahl's books i some of the best books I ever read all of them is so fun to read and it makes you feel relax

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The BFG A Set of Plays

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