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Ingers swarm the clubs and discos in a high stakes uest to live for the moment At the center of this decadent scene one man plays all the angles never missing a chance to The level of hedoni

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The sexy sizzling classic from international bestselling superstar Jackie CollinsLondon 1969 The hottest hippest wildest domain of hedonists and pleasure seekers where sw really liked it hen Revival - Deluxe Collection, Volume 1 really liked it hen

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Score with the beautiful women who desire him and walks the line between ecstasy and overload Now the woman he wants the most knows his number and may just call his bluf With a range of cha

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    The Stud by Jackie CollinsRating 3 ½ starsFirst things first I got this book free from Second Jackie Collins has been deceased for only two years Her sister Dame Joan Collins is than an honorable mention and a legend So the least that I could do is write a full bodied review pouring it straight from the lead crystal decanter of my opinion Here goesNow on to the good stuff In the era of pop culture television shows like Dallas Dynasty Knots Landing and Falcon Crest prevailed Plus there were a slew of novelists –with spin off made for television and movie films—such as Sidney Sheldon writer producer mogul Danielle Steele VC Andrews Maeve Binchy Diana Palmer and Fern Michaels You get the picture Jackie Collins is part of this esteemed group but even then she was in a class of her own making As prolific as she was stylish Jackie C was the reigning ueen of literary smut in her heydayThe Stud kicks off in late swinging 1960’s London At the heart of the narrative is ambitious hormone and ego driven if a little idealistic at times Tony Blake who becomes the sexual play thing and employee of Fontaine Khaled a retired model and the wife of mega millionaire Benjamin Khaled Tony helps Fontaine open a disco called Hobo’s which becomes The Spot where all the celebs perverts predators fakes freaks and hipsters freuent Everything turns sour as Tony’s interest in debauched Fontaine wanes while her contempt for him grows as he fails to keep her amused Following a chance meeting at Hobo Tony decides he’s in love with Fontaine’s stepdaughter Alexandra who later uses him—unbeknownst to Tony—to make her childhood crush jealous Tony He’s intelligent sexy and at heart a romantic Sadly he gets caught up in a popularity contest the hedonism in over his head with a text book sociopath and the desire to rise above his lower middle class background This makes him ripe for Fontaine’s vicious self indulgence I wanted Tony to find success love and happiness He was full of himself at times but no than any other good looking horny young man his age What I liked most about him is that no matter how much he strayed from his upbringing he had some morals and a sense of right and wrong Unlike the avaricious and narcissistic Fontaine Fontaine This greedy amoral disgusting woman is the antagonist that you love to hate She is The Devil to Tony’s Faust and boy does she play things to the hilt Some would say she is a man trapped in a woman’s body No maternal instinct No boundaries No sentiment Her appetite for sex power and money along with her ruthless focus on what she wants are not identified with anything that makes a lady a woman I am interested in reading the seuel The Bitch just to see what happens to this vile and fascinating creature Do I want her to get her comeuppance? Yep And then Not really What makes a good antagonist is just how much hell they can raise I’m just glad that Tony made it out of her web—eventually There are few that can outwit this woman Still it is a change to see a woman playing the games men play with women and winning at besting them Alexandra She’s just seventeen years old which is why I can excuse her stupidity and a great deal of the foolishness At times I could see her potential For Tony she represents innocence lost except this is all illusion This chickadee knows her own mind and has spunk and a bit of intelligence Alexandra is a spoiled little rich bitch plain and simpleI got a kick out of reading about this era and the Brit slanglanguage descriptions and people were fascinating There are some really taboo subjects and offensive dialogue so be warned This book was written in a time where the term “politically correct” did not exist Collins takes you back to a period where anything goes transsexuals were in the mix and pedophiles were uncomfortably common It would be ab fab to see the films Joan Collins Jackie’s sister stars in the movie version of The Stud For those who remember Joan was the infamous Alexis Carrington from the 80’s hit series Dynasty and became an icon Although Fontaine is described as a blonde I could see Joan Collins bringing this voracious vixen to life on the screen For the current times Kate Winslet or Tilda Swinton would make an amazing Fontaine though Tilda fits the model arch type Zac Efron would make a delish Tony Blake right?Whatever your take on things Ms Collins does a superb job of capturing the voice of each character authentically recreating a time a place that most of us can only fantasize about while leading you into a story that spins a contemporary Faustian tale of corruption and redemption

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    I may not have enjoyed this particular book as much as I would normally love a Jackie Collins but it's getting 5 stars regardless as JC doesn't deserve anything less

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    really liked it hence the four stars a very uick read told from the viewpoint of three different people nicely done if a bit trivial story some sex and drugs as expected but nothing very graphic especially liked the stud himself i could so well understand his feelings and at the same time all he is is such a big prick but that's some men's perception of the world for you or so i guess i'm not a man myselffinally a pretty good book that came with a women's mag

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    I read this as part of a reading challenge and this fulfilled the category of bottom of the to read pile as I got it free with a magazine I had never read a Jackie Collins before and now I can say I'm not going to again I appreciate this was written in the 60s so was probably considered racy at the time but to a modern reader it really isn't The sexiest scene is just two people looking at each other and waking up together the next morning Told from the point of view of several characters this should have kept my interest but none of them were very excited and had very few redeeming characteristics

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    London 1969 the hottest hippest domain of hedonists and pleasure seekers where swingers swarm the clubs and discos in a uest to live for the moment At the centre of this scene Tony Blake plays the angles never missing a chance to score with the beautiful women who desire him — and walks the line between ecstasy and overload I’ve known about this book for years certainly since the film came out but never thought to read it until now and since it’s as old as I am it does feel than a little dated though I can imagine it was raunchy for the time And it’s a real product of its time Tony and his friends shag anything that moves including strangely girls who are clearly underage and whilst several female characters than hold their own Fontaine Khaled especially but also Alexandra her step daughter women don’t tend to come out of it well Told from three viewpoints Tony the stud of the title and the two Khaled ladies this charts their downwards spiral as the book progresses before each of them in their own way comes up trumps in the end Likeable unlike most of the characters amusing and occasionally raunchy this is worth a read

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    The level of hedonistic depavity is unparrelled in this raunchy book of sexual misadventuresExactly what one expects from this particular author As someone who has enjoyed many of her written efforts can say that Jackie Collins will be missed but her body of work will entertain new readers for many years to come

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    Not my favorite by far You have to remember this book was written in the late 60's and so back then this was a book full of freaky sex Those things are common now The story itself just wasn't any good for me Too much that just didn't seem to work for the book It's told in the perspective of 3 people if would get happy to read Fontaine's chapters just because she was the only character who seem truly right for the story It could've done without Alexandra's storyline I liked Alexandra as a character just not for this bookIt took me 5 days to read and my copy is only 158 pages The only way I finished it was by reminding myself that if I got this book done I could read something else

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    I was uite disappointed by this novel having recently finished Chances by Collins and ranking it very highly I felt this novel would have worked better as a fleshed out and developed book where we see Tony drag his way through the ranks to become a club owner really understanding his drive and his emotions Feeling his ambition lust love or heartbreakThe narrators were different but because they often recapped the same events I just grew bored And while these voices were different from each other they were very formalized and stereotypical barely developing throughout

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    With a range of characters from the mildly unpleasant to utterly repellent The Stud is a novel completely reflective of it's time and social origins It's fun to read in places and you get a really strong sense of the London Sixties scene but with endless references to underage girls it makes for pretty grim reading with a post Saville mindset Yuk

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    Ya gotta love a bit of fluff like this

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