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Join little bee as he gathers pollen from a flower and makes honey with his friends But what happens when the ueen bee arrives Introducing nature to little ones Tales From Nature provides sim. My greatgrandfather was a beekeeper I grew up with stories about bees so I believe it is never too early to introduce little ones to these wonderful creatures This sweet and child friendly book starts from describing bees' body parts and how they collect nectar with their tongue Then it talks about life in a beehive the ueen and baby bees Finally it shows how bees communicate and show the way to the tastiest prettiest flowers The text is easy to follow even for a toddler while the illustrations are in beautiful bright coloursA great book to help your child discover these wonders of natureThank you to NetGalley and uarto Publishing Group for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion

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Ion to what it eats and where it lives Simple engaging text explains nature in a playful way for little ones Each page includes a window or a flap to encourage children to read on and discover. This short colourful book introduces toddlers to Bees It shares a cute description what it eats where it lives and The text is simple and easy to understand for very young children but the thing that attracted my granddaughter to this book was the illustrations We read the words but then talked about what we saw in the artwork She was a bit concerned about bees She kept talking about them stinging and buzzing but she still seemed to enjoy this book It was bright with vibrant colours and child friendly pictures A nice non fiction book for young children The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon reuest The rating ideas and opinions shared are my own

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Ple entertaining storylines with an animal character as the focus Bright and colorful illustrations are sure to engage young children as they learn about each animal's day from a cute descript. This is a refreshing series for toddlers and little peopleTales from Nature Bee A simple insight into these busy buzzy creatures we see and hear in our young lives Now a colourful story book to bring the bee to the centre of our attemtionThe illustrations are bright and entertaining with a touch of humour to keep everyone's attentionLots to talk about and make associations and links for tiny mindsWhere honey comes from Laying eggs; protecting and working to keep home safe and why perhaps bees and other insects are important although thankfully cross pollunisation does not get a mentionI could imagine my grandson sitting on my knee and listening to this simple tale; again Grandpa and I can feel a smile on my face as I reach for the honey to put on my porridge

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