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A plague called Wicked is pulsing through the world; and in its wake it’s dividing the population into thirdsThe WICKED Already infected by the droves of Singers the ultraviolet mosuito like insects who carry the plague the Wicked roam the world freely They don’t w. You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at MidnightI have no idea how this book isn't on all the radars but it isn't And that's a complete shame because it is phenomenal The kind of book I flew through reading but was also sad cause I never wanted it to end You know the kind So let us chat about why I am such a fan yeah Though I am purposely keeping this short because it's best to go into this knowing as little as possible like I did • Incredible atmosphere It fit perfectly with the vibe and tone of the story and made me feel like I was on this secluded island Think Sawkill Girls meets the apocalypse Good stuff • I cared about the characters immediately And never stopped There are two main POV characters and I adored them both I also enjoyed learning about their families and in some cases the other people around them This is so wonderfully vague that I am probably confusing than helping at this point but just trust that there will be characters you love characters you hate and characters so gleefully gray you won't be able to decide • The layers that unravel and the twists that unfurl simply delicious Wow I love a twist And this book just keeps them coming It's like a layer is peeled back we learn something about the characters or world but then we get new uestions Remember what I said about not being able to put it down Yeah that • Everything about the book feels very fresh The world itself the plot how everything turns out it just feels new Like nothing I've ever read before Sure there are bits here and there that you can compare to other books obviously but as a whole it's an incredibly uniue story that captivated me from the start Bottom Line Eerily atmospheric genre bending and wholly unputdownable How We Became Wicked is one of the best books of 2019

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Ant for much only to maim and dismember you But don’t worry They always ask politely firstThe TRUE The True live in contained isolated communities They’re the lucky ones; they found safety from the Singers And while the threat of the Wicked may not be eliminated fo. Nothing makes me happier than a book I’m not sure about being one of my favorites of the year and this book is exactly that “How We Became Wicked” draws us into a world where The Wicked spend their time gleefully hunting those who have yet to be infected trying their best to kill everyone they can when Astrid and Hank find themselves face to face with someone new just behind the wall who speaks of life on a nearby island but when things take a turn the two are faced with a choice to abandon everything they’ve ever known or to stay and watch it all burn This book had probably one of my favorite twists in a story of this nature and though I can’t speak to what it was for obvious reasons it actually made me gasp out loud when I caught on to what was happening so bravo to the author for that Astrid and Natalie were two young women who have known nothing but this world of death and the Wicked and they both managed to rise to the occasion and survive even when the odds were stacked against them and I loved each step in their journey Hank was touch and go but I think he is an important piece in their puzzle as both his presence and absence in certain scenes brings out some of the strongest ualities in both of these characters so for that I have to appreciate him but it doesn’t absolve him The Wicked themselves and the way they spoke of their plans was borderline comical but in that way where you’re laughing but inside there’s this unsettling weight in your stomach The overall story arc was something that we’re all familiar with as it has happened time and time again with everything from diseases and social injustices and that paint a smile on it lack of remorse was also something we also unfortunately see to the point that you almost find yourself thinking like the Wicked waiting for it all to crash and burn and when it does you can’t help but smile as karma is served If you’re looking for something with a bit of a similar setup like ‘Bird Box’ this is perfect for you but all in all this was a great read and I can’t wait for everyone else to get a chance to read it too special thanks to the publishers and netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for a fair and honest review

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R the True the threat has certainly been containedThe VEXED The Vexed are the truly fortunate ones they survived the sting of the Singers leaving them immune But they’re far from safe The Vexed hold the key to a cure and there are those who will do anything to get it. Why doesn't this book have reviewsI dare say It's better than many books with reviews out thereMind you the book wasn't perfect but I was reading and not even feeling the pages pass and If that doesn't scream good book then I don't know what willThe idea of the wickedness as a virus was very creepy and original and very good timing to read it nowAnd that huge surprise in the last uarter made me reel I really didn't see that coming This was a perfect creepy thriller and I would love nothing but to read about the wicked world in books The book cut off with an open ending and a lot of uestions and I want them answered MrYates Ludwigs Zimmer uarter made me reel I really didn't see that coming This was a perfect creepy thriller and I would love nothing but to read about the wicked world in books The book cut off with an open ending and a lot of MacArthur: America's General (The Generals Series) uestions and I want them answered MrYates

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