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And her suspension from work because of her anger issues leaves her with time to make the trip to figure out why Upon her arrival she meets Bruno Endicott who clearly remembers her Beck must work to regain her memory face her anger and open her heart to loveConnected through a beautiful house in ways they will both come to understand both women must find the courage to face the truth about themselves and their past in order to truly love and be loved in retur “Family is whoever fits into your heart” Story of learning to live

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes a new captivating novel of two women whose lives have been destroyed by disaster but find healing in a special houseIn the spring of 1953 Everleigh Applegate is happily married and newly pregnant But a tornado sweeps through Waco Texas taking her hopes of a bright future with it Seven years later widowed and childless she is living with her mother and older than her years It is not until Oh wow Just beautiful I have loved all of her books and was very curiou

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She runs into an old high school friend Don Callahan that a small spark of hope for what life could be is rekindled However a secret Everleigh has kept threatens their happiness and futureBeck Holiday is a tough angry New York City cop Her father’s death on 911 took not just her father’s life but many of her memories as well She learns that she’s inherited a house from an Everleigh Callahan whom Beck apparently knows but cannot remember in north Florida Reviewed at The Power of Words talented Rachel Hauck writes in a variet

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    I have never read a book by Hauck that I did not LOVE Are you tired of reading books with perfect flawless characters? If you answered yes then this book is for you You have to be a very special author to write Time slip books and do it well Hauck does it like no other Hauck gave us imperfect characters that made me love them and relate to them 2 Sets of couples that you are sure to fall in love with 2 Stories that come together and make you sad to see it come to an end You must pick up a copy of this 5 star must read book I HIGHLY recommend itThe Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not reuired and all views expressed are our own

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    The blurb to this popular book really piued my interest However it didn't take long for me to become discouraged with the principal plotline This book begins with a dark and morose topic which turned me off I immediately came to the conclusion that this storyline did not sound like a Christian tale to me There is so much darkness hatred and violence in the world that I prefer my literary fiction to include wit humor and inspiration I did not read the comments prior to starting the book or I would have been saved some time Not only did the contents disturb me but then I discovered there will be a dual timeline Those can be tricky to execute and I'm glad I avoided suchAlthough I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Wedding series repeatedly I chose not to complete this book It is not the type of Christian inspiration that lifts my spirit There are many who have sung high praises for this book and many will probably follow I suppose if many enjoy it that is what counts in the long run You can't please everyone all the time

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    Oh wow Just beautiful I have loved all of her books and was very curious when I saw this description Knowing Rachel’s writing style I wasn’t sure how to reconcile the idea of a memory house From the very beginning I was sucked in as I always am with her stories All the stories captivated me and didn’t let loose until the very end Even now the characters challenges and moments of growth bless and challenge my heartI received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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    Reviewed at The Power of Words talented Rachel Hauck writes in a variety of styles and settings and all of her books have touched me in some way But The Memory House? It’s truly special deeply rooted in faith my favorite of all she’s written so far There’s romance of course but this story is so very much Family is whoever fits into your heartThe Memory House is poignant and emotionally captivating Hauck is a master of the dual timeline and I was deeply invested in both worlds Everleigh’s story brings the history of the 1953 tornado in Waco Texas alive a defining moment in her life Beck’s defining moment went back to the events surrounding 911 resulting in emotionally suppressed memories While I enjoy dual timelines I usually favor one storyline over the other but here it’s like the years fell away and I was reading one intricately woven story The characters have emotional stories and are flawed in a way that made them minister to me than a “whole” person ever could He suspected Mom’s prayers had a hand in thisThe vitalness of prayer is subtlety seen as are the themes of faith forgiveness and a loving God who is always at our side no matter the circumstances Everleigh ministers through her heartbreak reminding me of the way my own life has been touched by some dear saints I may be reading into this than intended but Beck takes in a precious little dog that needed rescuing and in addition to having my heart stolen by Beetle Boo I kept reflecting on the human need to be rescued and loved by God The revelation of the connection between old and new themes was surprising – and perfect The Memory House is a keeper a “best of the best” read for meHighly recommendedI received a copy of this book through Read with Audra and Thomas Nelson The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

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    The Memory House was absolutely captivating I loved both stories in this dual timeline novel eually I felt such deep emotions for the main characters that at times I was unsure if I could handle the various heartaches that came their way However I had to keep readingI couldn’t stop myself And I am so glad I didBoth Beck and Everleigh’s journeys were full of times of heartache as well as joy And Beck Bruno and Everleigh all learned so much about faith forgiveness and a loving God who is there waiting with open armsThis is my favorite dual timeline book that this author has written It’s tender story will remain with me for a long timeI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

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    I loved this book and it uickly turned into a uick page turner and a sense of loss when the last page was turned and how appropriate is the titleThe author draws us in with two strong main characters both woman and both willing to make the ultimate sacrifice Disasters are what make them similar and great men who loved them to the endWe span decades and yet things are the same but different and find a home in a uiet town in Florida to be catalyst to healingWarning once you start this one you will not want to put it downI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Thomas Nelson and was not reuired to give a positive review

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    The Memory House is a lovely dual timeline story that tells the story of two women whose life is torn by loss and despair to the point of some amnesia to overcome the pain Their lives cross and both are impacted Everleigh Novak Applegate and her husband married for eight months are madly in love expecting their first child and planning their first home But a tornado swept through Waco Texas killing her husband in laws and her father Depressed and in deep sorrow she lost her memory for a while She and her mother live together in an arrangement that works for them Everleigh works to support them while her mother keeps the house Don Callahan a friend of her older brother comes into her life several years later and wants to date her Everleigh wants to protect the memory of her husband and isn't interested at first Don gets a job in Fernandina Beach Florida and asked her to marry him Eventually after another possible tragic event she decides that she cares for himBeck Halliday is an NYPD Sergeant but is put on leave without pay for a month after getting abusive with a perp At a same time she received a letter informing her that she has inherited a home in Fernandina Beach from Everleigh Callahan Her father was killed in the North Tower on 911 and she has blocked out her father and any memory of him including most of her childhood She doesn't know who Everleigh was until her mother tells her that they used to go visit when she was young and her father alive So she goes to Florida to get away and try to get her head on straight She make a bad decision one night while intoxicated and is now pregnant dealing with anger and frustration over her situation along with hormones Bruno Endicott a sports agent recognized her at the memorial service for Everleigh but she doesn't know him Bruno and Beck were close as children and shared their first kiss His feelings for her are still there but she isn't interested At firstEverleigh and Beck both had tragic events in their life that has hindered their ability to seek happiness Don and Bruno both have dreams of what they want to do in their careers but have issues getting to that point This story is one of love tragedy forgiveness and faith in the face of obstacles that seem so large to overcome It is about second chances at happiness realizing what is important and who we are to God Truly special story as Rachel Hauck is so very great at writingI received a complimentary ARC from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley to read and give an honest review The thoughts stated are mine onlyReview for Chapter 1 teaserI read the first chapter of The Memory House and got a glimpse of what the story is going to be about I have an idea of where it is going and look forward to reading the whole book In this first chapter NYPD Sergeant Beck Holiday and her partner and former bossmentor Hogan are working a shift in Manhattan on New Year's Eve They are chasing a young man who has been arrested several times by Beck because of drug possession When they catch him he has drugs but also a little dog in bad shape that Beck thinks has been used to swallow the bag of drugs to get rid of them Beck has a meltdown because of the mistreatment of the dog and leaves Hogan with the prisoner to take in for booking while she tries to get help for the dog It is apparent that something is bothering Beck and this was the final straw Now we have to wait and see what is going on with herI received a complimentary ARC of the this first chapter from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley to read and give an honest review The thoughts stated are mine only

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    “Family is whoever fits into your heart” Story of learning to live again love again after loss fear and disappointment change the course of your life Two timelines Four characters it’s easy to have sympathy for Sweet satisfying ending Great read

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    'She was nothing than a weak body of flesh who wore her tragedy like a badge of honor And she was terrified it would happen to her again'Beck Holiday's father died in the North Tower on 911 and since that day she has lost every memory that involves him Now she is a cop with NYPD a tough sergeant who has a horrible secret and she's just been suspended for misconduct Then a letter arrives telling her she's inherited a house in Florida from a woman she doesn't even remember knowing She decides to go down to Florida and check out this mysterious inheritance What she doesn't know is that her life is going to change forever especially when she runs into Bruno Endicott who has fond memories of the times they both spent summers there as children and teenagers She was his first kiss and Bruno has held a special place in his heart for Beck ever since But Beck has no memory of BrunoMany decades before widow Everleigh Applegate was widowed after an epic tornado tore through her Waco Texas home and destroyed her life Now she lives with her mother in a life that is destined to be completely uneventful Everleigh has boxed her memories away and intends to keep it that way But one day she runs into Don Callahan in the grocery store and her life begins to change a little bit at a time But Everleigh carries a horrific secret in her heart a secret she believes no one on earth will understand a secret that will prohibit her ever having a happy life again Written in a dual time line fifty years separate two women who will come to know the powerful healing through faith and love And a beautiful Victorian home The Memory House will play a big partI could not put this book down Rachel Hauck has always been a favorite author to me and this one just may be her best yet in my opinion She always includes a touch of the Divine and when I came across it here I smiled because I knew this was it and it is amazing I stayed up till the wee hours to finish this book at times with tears in my eyes She knows how to write in such a way that brings these characters to life right before your eyes and involve you in the story to a powerful degree It just amazes me how God pours these stories into her heart Totally invested was I in this story These characters just dance through my mind even after reading the last word I highly recommend this bookI received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers through Net Galley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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    Rachel Hauck is one of those authors I will always purchase without even reading the book synopsis Her books are always filled with history love forgiveness and a story that comes together so perfectly This book meets those expectations perfectlyI fell in love with these characters as soon as I met them I loved that much of the story took place in Texas a state so very close to me and the history that happened during the Waco tornado I also thought Florida was the perfect setting for this couple to land and make their life togetherThe characters in this book did not necessarily follow the standard picture of the Christian fiction book and I think that made me like them even They had their flaws they found themselves living with the conseuences of their mistakes and they pushed through to make a life for themselves regardlessThe love that happened between Everleigh and Don reminds me so much of my grandparents' generation and the way they deeply love with all their heart through everything life throws at them They work hard to create their life their livelihood and a legacy for their children and grandchildrenBeck and Bruno seemed to be the perfect example of today's generation and their tendency to find themselves floundering around looking for a career and always striving to better themselves from their current situationBut both couples found exactly what they needed in life God God's love came through for them in big ways and small and He took care of all of them through everything in their life I rejoiced in watching these characters find God and find the true loves of their livesAnd the connection we find at the end priceless The ways Rachel Hauck always brings the old together with the new completely surprises me every time and reminds me why I always love a perfect Hauck book

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