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Just Like Animals Werelock Evolution #5

Hettie Ivers ¼ 0 Summary

E and I’d let her go I didn’t mean to bite her Or fck her in the middle of a crowded dance clubOr kidnap her againRead an excerpt here ➜ Just Like Animals is a fast paced dirty ride to uote a reviewer The romance between the main couple was w. ARC Nuff’ said While errone is saying ole’ Raul is a twatbiscuit I am leaning back and claiming him Something seriously is wrong with me I am sure at some point I absolutely loathed Raul and if I am being honest his name sucks and I catch myself calling him Ragu Nonetheless creepy stalker psycho brother has moved up a couple notches in my I’d do them book boyfriend list The sound track to this book is Selena Gomez “Can’t Keep my hands to myself”In true Hettie Ivers fashion she is melting panties around the world one book and one line at a time I am not much of a blusher it could bemy skin toneme being a nursehaving 2 daughterssome rather blunt if not creative friends who just spew shit or my off the chain husband that has caused my non ability to blush Or at least that is what I thought HOWEVER Werelock Evoluition series can change my normal olive skin tone to a nice shade of magenta in just a few words Yes this is a series but with Hettie’s handy ability to write and have books flow so seamlessly all of the books in this series can be read as standalones With that being said I would highly recommend reading Alex and Milena they are my and will always be my fav out of the bunch Ragu Raul is the boy who grew up down the street the one you looked at from a far He really is an all about me twat with his schmexy smile and confident swagger Bethany is Ragu Raul’s sisters Milena best friend and the ultimate forbidden toy She is sarcastic witty and the light to R’s dark A perfect match Their connection is all hands on deck and their chemistry is hands down hot This is another fast moving book with Larry Flint undertones and nothing short of a damn good ride Let me give a guiding hand READ THIS BOOK If you haven’t read the series READ THE FUCKING SERIES

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Ritten to work as a first read in the series for readers new to the Werelock Evolution world However please note that this is book number 5 within the Werelock Evolution series so it also continues elements of the overarching storyline of the world. Just toomuch

Read & download Just Like Animals Werelock Evolution #5

For ten long years I stayed away to protect herI thought I’d successfully subverted my wolf’s instincts where Bethany was concernedBut when I saw her on that dance floor my inner beast took over I told myself it would be just one dance One danc. I am so angry with Hettie right now it's not even funny I loath Raul always have and she goes and gives him such an amazing mate like Bethany A feisty funny doesn't deal with basic bitches Bethany I couldn't think of anyone undeserving than Raul THEN she has the audacity to create scenes that are so intimate and cute between the two of them I found myself smiling at how perfect they were as a couple WTF Who does that I was perfectly fine in my feelings for Raul the bullshitting bastard Still am by the way He's too conniving to be trusted Plus the guy thinks in hashtags enough said Fair warning this book is dirty Hettie doesn't hold back as the book opens up with Raul seeing his mate on the dance floor of a club and Bethany coming on his hands during a dance together leading to the best line ever Holy baby Jesus in a filthy fucking manger Bethany has some of the best lines in this bookDon't expect a weak character from Bethany she goes toe to toe with Raul leading to him having to drug and kidnap her just to get his own way typical I mean really are we surprised That would be the only way Raul could get someone as amazing as Bethany to be with him Just Like Animals is a fast paced dirty ride It’ll leave you wanting if you’re an unapologetically greedy reader like me One click this book call in sick lock the doors draw the blinds and enjoy#WASHYOHANDS

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