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    Jay is the toughest MC in the history of toughness He's SO tough he can't pronounce any foreign word right like a drooling 8 year old giggling at the foreigners He's so tough he'll perform no risk analysis on any challenge 'cuz you know he'll live by author fiat He's the toughest tough guy who has ever toughed anything He's so cool and amazing and tough and wonderful and the bestest at everything everHe's so cool that he'll call the Path of the Reaper a giggle giggle SEX DUNGEON OMG Jay you're SO wonderfully clever and smart and brave for saying the naughty wordsIn addition to this idiocy he's actively avoiding harvesting souls because of reasons Note he's not avoiding KILLING he's just avoiding profiting from the deaths oOPS The interaction with the slaver torture murder ship is still lame and weak

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    This author's series of books get better by each book When the author announced the Death Ship series I kinda rolled my eyes thinking oh God just what we need another alien abduction SciFi story I admit that I had low expectations of the first book of this series and did not expect to enjoy it like I didThat being said the second book of this series is better than the first by a large margin MSE has settled into the story and characters; offering a rich tapestry of situations and deeply detailed characters Well not really I mean this is pure escapist SciFi harem fantasy I would like to know about the twin sisters and the new addition to Jay's harem I would love to read about what Syrl looked like before the changeLots of implied sex in this book described enough that you figured what was going on but didn't get described to the point of word porn I like how MSE let the reader decide if the new harem member had sex with the twins I believe it was implied but I could be wrong as well as Jay In harem SciFi fantasy stories MFFF sex is not particularly rare but I enjoy the way that MSE does not feel the need to describe every time Jay lays with the ladies in graphic detail A little details would be nice to confirm if the twins are also sleeping with Syrl as well as Jay but not necessary This book does have a strong LitRPG element to it which I dislike especially the repetitive long lists of options that Jay wades through each time he gets enough souls to upgrade I find myself flipping through the long menu lists to get back to the story This is a minor complaint and I will not unfairly punish the author for writing something I can easily flip through

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    Roller Coaster RideThis is a fun read with Seymour a homicidal ship and his kidnapped avatar Jay as they continue with their fight against the Dominion He and his new paramour Kira and Myrin discover that the Dominion is creating mutant monsters on a remote planet Koroshi Whilst fighting they discover another even diabolical plot to be stopped Cannot wait until the next Minor editing issues

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    Death Ship UpgradedThis the 2nd in the series is a major upgrade from the first Jay has made peace with the murder obsessive AI and with his 2 female lovers in tow is making plenty of damage against the dominionHowever a new threat is discovered that will open up a new facet in their relationship and a chance to reap a treasure trove of soulsAlhough this is a little obvious in parts the guts glory and the growing bond that Jay has helps liven the story up immensely

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    Death ship 2I loved this book from start to finish the author did a great job with the characters are going to blow you away our hero a fighting again a evil empire with him a crew of sexy alien women and a AI name Seymor oh and AI is a Ancient space ship a Death ship A must to read 5 out of 5 stars

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    I very much liked Kill Count and I'm happy to say the series is really finding its footing The sarcastic AI the skilled but amorous twins and a regular Joe well former Marine trying to balance it all This installment got downright Lovecraftian with some technology so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic next level shit Lots of fun

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    My new FavoriteThis is a great seuel to what had become my favorite of Mr Earle's works I love everything about this series The light litrpg elements the harem the concept etc This book has it all and without the need for explaining an entire new world like the first one had to it can get right to the action 1010

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    Good read While the begging of the book did seem a little disjointed to me it was a good read Good story did seem to go in a direction that I was not totally expecting after the first book Seems to follow the same path as his other books If you like the air those you will like the book Recommend

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    Double the funThis book was just as good if not better than the first The backstory was really enjoyable I truly liked how the author linked everything and expanded it at the same time

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    ExcitingAnother fun and exciting book by MSE The story takes you on a journey from one adventure to the next and although the good guys get their butts kicked from time to time they prevail

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Double Kill Death Ship #2

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Ts there are only two possible outcomes Kill or be killed Fortunately killing is something that the team knows ho. Death ship 2I loved this book from start to finish the author did a gre

characters Double Kill Death Ship #2

When Jay Seymour Kira and Myrin discover a jungle planet controlled by a Dominion mad scientist and her experimen. Roller Coaster RideThis is a fun read with Seymour a homicidal ship and

read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB È Michael-Scott Earle

W to do well so the Dominion doesn’t stand a chance Disclaimer This novel has a harem with beautiful alien wome. My new FavoriteThis is a great seuel to what had become my favorite of

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