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When HARLIE Was One

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E named HARLIE also referred to by the proper name HARLIE an acronym for Human Analog Replication Lethetic Intelligence Engine originally Human Analog Robot Life Input Euivalents HARLIE's story revolves around his relationship with David Auberson the psychologist who is responsible for guiding HARLIE from childhood into adulthood It's a. Ever since I started working at the book store I check the shelves each week to see if there are any donated David Gerrold books I have all of his books but I'm always curious to see if any show up on the shelves Last week HARLIE showed up I hadn't read it in many years so I made that my book to read while working It was when the psychiatrist David Auberson started explaining this new concept of computer VIRUS to his co worker that I checked to see when it was published 1972 two years before Bill Gates founded Microsoft when Walt was learning FORTRAN and I was convinced I would never be able to learn to use a computer So much of this book needs to be viewed from an historical viewpoint HARLIE Human Analog Replication Life Input Euivalent is an early form of artificial intelligence HARLIE is a human brain the most intelligent in the world with the power to design a GOD machine which will pretty much take over the world but benevolently Only for good It will solve all of the world's problems There's a lot of tech in here but it's than strictly a lesson in technology HARLIE is perhaps his creator's Auberson best friend They have very long philosophical discussions about things like the meaning of life and how you know you're in love a sensation HARLIE can't experience because he has no sense of touch or feelingThe plot concerns the owners of the company which owns HARLIE who feel he is a drain on resources and want to shut him down Can Auberson and HARLIE prove that the computer can have financial worth before they pull the plug And is HARLIE capable of deception if necessary to save his lifeWhat I love about all of David's books his his elouent language and his ridiculous jokes and puns Everything he writes has a bit of tongue in cheek about it This book was updated in 1988 to Release 20 but I have not read that one

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Lso the story of HARLIE's fight against being turned off the philosophical uestion whether or not HARLIE is human; for that matter what it means to be human The HARLIE intelligence engine appears in a number of Gerrold's other works including the Star Wolf series where it is routinely installed as the administrating AI of Terran warship. An enjoyable mesh of science fiction and philosophy HARLIE is the first AI computer and HARLIE and the director of the operation that created him David Auberson spend part of this novel conversing via teletype machines on the philosophy of life and so love Along with the big uestions of why are we here and why do spend so much time accumulating digital watches It is also a story of intrigue as Auberson and his colleague Don Handley race to fight a board of directors intent on shutting HARLIE off for being non profitable But Gerrold uses this frame work as a jumping off point to explore many other ideas The character Handley expounds at great lengths on computer viruses what they are and how they promulgate through a system Yeah BFD right Except this book was published in 1972 some 14 years before the first computer virus was written according to most sources So yeah interesting ideas here on the tech of computers and even a fairly convincing idea of why they communicatie with HARLIE via teletype as opposed to voice A very satisfying read and fun as well If you love science fiction you should consider this time well spent

Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î David Gerrold

When HARLIE Was One is a 1972 science fiction novel by David Gerrold It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1972 the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1973 The novel is a fix up of previously published short stories A revised version subtitled Release 20 was published in 1988 Central to the story is an Artificial Intelligenc. This is one of the earliest stories of intelligent computers anticipating much of the work of Vinge Gibson and many others since It followed The Moon is a Harsh Mistress in which a computer just comes alive once its complexity passes a certain point but Harlie was designed from the beginning to be intelligentThis alone would make it worth reading it is interesting to compare its vision of computing and artificial intelligence with the actual evolution of computing and the Internet to gain an appreciation of both the similarities and the fairly radical differences However it is also a great story in and of itself There is greed conflict non violent conflict mind you nobody is injured or killed and even depth A classic of Science Fiction worth reading and even re reading many times rgb

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