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    Pernix who is a small dinosaur wanders hungrily through the primeval forest looking for foo Pernix is taunted by a trio of flying dinosaurs and risks being eaten by a crocodile and stampeded by an unimaginably large behemoth He also finds a mate and fathers five baby dinosaurs Making readers on the edge of their seats always wondering what he'll run into nextThis book is great for young boys It is done in a scheme of blue and greens with mind blowing pictures that take the whole page with cut aways of images in the book The text is easy to read and with the pages being so large you can see just about everything It looks so beautiful that it could be a small cartoon Over all a fun read for all ages

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    Alissa was worried about Pernix getting eaten by the bigger dinosaurs

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    Mommy's review from 7511 Pernix reminds me of the some of the documentaries Julia has on DVD that she watches The story may not be for all kids On the very first page when the story begins with Pernix finding himself alone in the forest after having been born it's said that he had four siblings who were all killed by other animals The story basically follows Pernix on his adventures He needs to find food and when he spies a flying insect he moves to try to catch it Just as Pernix goes to snatch the insect out of the air another dino steals it away The flying thief is Rips part of a trio of what looks like pterodactyls Pernix thinks about his options and decides that since he's outnumbered and and smaller than the three he'll give up the fight and move on Pernix stayed in the area and began hunting with the fliers Yet Pernix was always left out of the important part the eating part After an altercation with the pterodactyls Pernix moves on and eventually meets up with another dinosaur named Torvus who is like himself uestioning whether Torvus wants to hunt with him or eat him Pernix keeps moving Finally he comes to a caterpillar at the same time as another dino approaches from the opposite side and with the same intentionBoth of the little dinos are scared away from their meal and then slowly check each other out The other dino Viva comes closer until they're both keeping each other warm How cute is that? Months pass and Pernix and Viva stay with each other Finally Viva starts looking for a place to build a nest for the five eggs she'll eventually lay After the couple's babies are born the family has adventures once coming close to a very large dino and her very large baby All throughout the story there are little lessons for young kids who don't know anything about dinosaurs For example in the part I just explained Pernix and his family leave the area fast so as not to get run over by the giants even though it's known they're vegetarians Eventually Pernix's old foes Torvus and the pterodactyls come back into the picture There are some lessons and some learning that can be done but it should be known that there is a little dino cannibalism going on here If you're kid's like mine he or she won't care in the slightest I think most real dinosaur lovers accept the fact of nature even at a young age My daughter who is still uite young prefers adult documentaries to kids because they're real and they don't leave stuff out Her words Pernis is a good story though it's not the best I've ever read and it's certainly not the worst Julia really liked it so I'll give it five stars but I do need to say that she probably would be less eager about it if there were good dino stories like this

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Pernix The Adventures of a Small Dinosaur

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Wicked plan How Pernix manages to outwit them is vividly portrayed in breathtaking full color paintin

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The author effectively pictures life in the ancient forest as it might have been for Pernix and his fr

Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Dieter Wiesmüller

Iend Viva Together they found food and safety until the evil flying dinosaurs found them and devised a

  • Hardcover
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  • Pernix The Adventures of a Small Dinosaur
  • Dieter Wiesmüller
  • English
  • 21 September 2018
  • 9780525651277