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About the Author: Andrew Watts

Andrew Watts graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2003 and served as a naval officer and helicopter pilot until 2013 During that time he flew counter narcotic missions in the Eastern Pacific and counter piracy missions off the Horn of Africa He was a flight instructor in Pensacola FL and helped to run ship and flight operations while embarked on a nuclear aircraft carrier deployed in the Mi

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    Very good BelievableMany actionadventure military action books move to the realm of the fantastic In these books you can expect to hear an authentic voice of experience Well done The dialogue flows in natural rhythms the characters are sufficiently flawed as to be recognizable as people you have met The action seuences are well choreographed and injuries take respectable times to recover from All of these elements are served up as though the work was easy My hat is off to the author

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    It took me a while to get going on book 1 for a variety of reasons mostly not book related I read on as time permitted My interest and reading momentum accelerated through completion of the series I like the way Mr Watts writes the way he develops his characters the plot he develops very interesting; entirely possible in this series and the level of detail he provides about both I plan to read his next books as they are published

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    Could not get myself into this book no matter how many times I went back to it Listened to the first volume; War Planners but the second was just a lot of conversation to me Sorry Mr Watts no can do

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    Had to DNF this one Was struggling with the overwhelming amount of exposition early Then just when the writing style began to improve a little view spoilerthe author ran the barbed wire fence down into the water What?? hide spoiler

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    The War Planners series 1 3 by Andrew WattsThis is a horrifying but plausible story about possible Chinese invasion of the US by rogue elements of the Chinese navy and military What makes it so plausible is the creation of a Red Cell ostensibly by the CIA lo create a scenario of China winning all to help the US military plot a defence strategyIn better times I would have scoffed at this whole scenario but given what is happening in the US right now with the Russians influencing the election of President Trump somehow the plot rings true It is also a scary look t how dependent we have become on the Internet electronic communications and high tech weaponry to defend ourselves never mind the vulnerability of the world banking system to electronic interferenceAt various points in the book I had to uit reading because it became too realistic a picture of what is actually happening today There is no doubt that Andrew Watts is plugged in to the US military in various ways and the seuence of events he sets out in these three books is entirely believableFrom a story point of view we follow the exploits of the Manning family all of whom and involved with the military in one way or another The father is an admiral the commander of a US carrier strike group His daughter Victoria is a helicopter pilot the Air boss on a US destroyer His son Chase is involved with Special Operations and the CIA and his youngest son David is involved with a group developing high tech defences in the telecommunications fieldWatt uses their experiences to develop his thesis that the US is in danger from a first strike invasion from China which is using a US war in Iran to divert US attention from its real motives All in all this is a riveting story that comes too close to home for comfort given the current US president's actions towards China and RussiaAt the heart of this story lies money and power the very two ingredients that lie at the heart of the current US situation If these ingredients are allowed to triumph I fear for the entire democratic rule of law in the United States and the future of the free world It is all too easy to slip into autocracy and tyranny when the only thing representatives care about is power and money Not to mention the fact that in this story as in the US today the system seems riddled with foreign sympathizers and spies who are working covertly to destroy the system

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    When I began this trilogy boxed set I thought that I had found a new author that I like; and in a sense I do like some of his writing But to be fair before I begin my assessment I'm a 60 yo Christian woman who doesn't like foul language and I try to stay away from books that have it as much as oossible So when I was reading book one not only was I completely enthralled but I thought that the language was going to be minimal mostly the s word and not include the F word That was the case until I got into book 2 As for the reading material the first third of the story was thrilling edge of your seat spy action I could barely keep myself from skipping ahead to see what was going to happen So for book one or the first third of the book I give it five stars Books two and three were for me completely different Not only were these boring but the language ratcheted up considerably There was so much detail about ships etc naval language and in many spots acronym after acronym making it difficult for me to keep track of what they were talking about I didn't care for book two or the second third of the trilogy at all not caring about what it was about and thought it was way over drawn out Book three or the last third of the trilogy was some better but I was completely disappointed that they didn't go into detail about the 18 Americans left imprisoned on an island other than to say at the very end that they were rescued So a critical part of the continued story was just obliterated by the next aspects of the books I would give the last two thirds of this trilogy two stars maybe 25 for the last and overall three grudging stars for the entire trilogy If you're a Navy person I'm sure that these books will be right down your alley If you don't mind cursing then I'm sure that they're okay for you But there are ways around cursing that works just fine Don Brown Joel Rosenberg and others weave their stories without the bad language so it can be done easily I wouldn't have continued the trilogy after getting into the F bombs in book two but I kept on because I wanted to find out what happened to the 18 Americans This author thoroughly disappointed me in not giving a better ending to that aspect of book one not continuing their story

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    Loved it I spent four years living in the Norfolk area while my husband was stationed on the USS Independence Carrier while serving his country in the US Navy Author Andrew Watts hit the nail dead on with these three novels that flow right from one to the next While each book is a stand alone story that kept me on the edge of my emotions through the whole ordeal of how those with an unexhausted wealth of money can become despots hell bent on ruling the world in their image I laughed I cried and I cheered and that is what makes this series a must read for any fans of espionage war thrillers of fiction Book 1 The War Planners with David Manning as a kidnapped computer analyst who was previously in the Navy and is held captive on a secluded island with other American's who have been lied to by their US bosses to participate in a think tank to find ways to breach the USA's defense system David comes from a family of Navy personnel that include his Admiral father brother an ex Navy Seal and sister who is an ace helicopter pilot Book 2 The War Stage with Chase Manning ex Navy Seal is sent to Dubai on a CIA secret mission betrayed by another and rescuing his brother are his main concerns Book 3 Pawns of the Pacific with Victoria Manning a Helicopter Boss in the US Navy on the USS Farragut Destroyer extracts her brother Chase from the jungles of Euador in an all out race to get to Panama before being sunk by an enemy and avoiding World War III from breaking out

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    The War Planner is my first read from author Andrew Watts A well developed well written story that plods along The primary characters are well developed over the course of the book the lesser characters not so much By the end of the book the author had me looking forward to the next book My only uestion is why did it take me almost 2 years to get around to reading it?The War Stage is my second read from author Andrew Watts read immediately following The War Planner A well developed well written story that takes off like a jet from an aircraft carrier The primary characters are well developed over the course of the book the lesser characters not so much By the end of the book the author had me looking forward to the next bookPawns of the Pacific is my third read from author Andrew Watts read immediately following The War Planner The War Stage I highly recommend reading them back to back to back This is all in all a family story wth Father two sons and a daughter each of the books goes in depth to one of the admirals children An incredibly well developed well written story that takes off like a jet from an aircraft carrier blending seamlessly to the first two books The primary characters are well developed over the course of the book the lesser characters not so much By the end of the book the author had me looking forward to the next book My only uestion is how do I get a copy of The War Planners Episode 4 that’s out of print?

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    I read GLIDEPATH by Mr Watts and was very entertained I got THE WAR PLANNERS series and couldn't wait to read each book Mr Watts is showing great talent for beautiful writing and combined with his Naval experience presents compelling reading The characters are developed carefully and are neatly pulled together for the incredible climaxWith Mr Watts military history he was able to project me into the dangerous but exciting act of combat at seaMr Watts shows a uniue knowledge and awareness of the internet and all the potential dangers facing our countryI'm anxious to read Book 4 in the seriesLarry

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    I always like to give a chance to an author I haven't read before I did so in this case but I got to the point that I could not go any further I did not finish the book but here are my thoughts The premise itself was very difficult to accept that China would break down the American infrastructure and then invade But I pressed on More characters were introduce which made it difficult to keep track of everyone their roles and their relative importance to the story Finally I found the story developing too slowly to keep my interest so I moved on

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