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A groundbreaking exposé and diagnosis of the silent epidemic of fear afflicting mothers and a candid feminist deep dive into the culture science history and psychology of contemporary motherhood Fear among new mothers is a growing but largely unrecognized crisis In the months before and after birth countless women suffer from overwhelming feelings of fear grief or obsession that do not fall neatly within the outmoded category of postpartum depression These women are left isolated and captive fending for themselves with scarce resources for their. This was fascinating but a bit uneven There are parts that are just basic post partum issues which I found to be fairly well covered areas The parts that were most fascinating is when she tries to analyze motherhood anxiety as a way of dealing with a changing world I think this area is under explored and I'd like research here I mean with the vaccine wars covid homeschooling environmental threats etc that the way we mother has become a political phenomenon

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Is becoming the norm for so many Woven into the stories of women’s lives Menkedick examines factors like the changing structure of the maternal brain the ethically problematic ways risk is construed during pregnancy and the marginalization of motherhood as an identity asking how motherhood came to be an experience so dominated by anxiety and how mothers might reclaim it Writing with profound empathy visceral honesty and deep understanding Menkedick makes clear how critically we need to expand our awareness compassion and care for women's lives. This book does a great job of pointing out difficulties in the expectations of motherhood today In an effort to avoid all risks with our children are we placing too many rules on parents and diminishing the joy of the experience This book gives many examples of this pointing out the anxiety that results and the loss of a carefree self It helped me to understand why I still fall into feeling the need to micromanage my children’s lives even though they are in their 20s and 30s This is a must read that will help parents avoid losing themselves during parenthood

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Care and precious little time or support as they attempt to distinguish normal worry from debilitating anxiety This crippling state of madness though sometimes temporary is commonly left untreated and perhaps even dangerously treated as a taboo in our culture Drawing on extensive research countless interviews and the raw particulars of her own experience with anxiety writer and mother Sarah Menkedick gives us a comprehensive examination of the biology psychology history and societal conditions surrounding the crushing and life limiting fear that. Lots of interesting thoughts and information a many things are beautifully expressed although I found the book a bit uneven Some parts seemed to have only the loosest connection to the topic there wasn’t much practical advice and as someone who didn’t experience postpartum mental issues I wasn’t a fan of her argument that they are because you care and they make you a caring person I also got tired of the crunchiness persistent distrust of the medical establishment glorification of home birth a lengthy discussion of the author weeping while burying her placenta at the foot of a tree in a special family ceremony etc I still learned a lot so I consider it a worthwhile read

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About the Author: Sarah Menkedick

Sarah Menkedick's second book Ordinary Insanity Fear and the Silent Crisis of Motherhood in America was released on April 7th from Pantheon It explores the scientific psychological historical and spiritual roots of a silent epidemic of anxiety among American mothers Sarah’s debut essay collection Homing Instincts Early Motherhood on a Midwestern Farm Pantheon 2017 was longlisted for

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