Read & download æ The Last Omegas First Pregnancy Huntington Mountain Wolves #1 102

The Last Omegas First Pregnancy Huntington Mountain Wolves #1

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Hange when he realizes the Beta he’s been sent to “take care of” is the sole protector of a supple young Omega They’re all riding headfirst into the eye of the storm Someone’s getting swept away This is the first book of the Huntington Mountain Wolves series and features the Kincaid family The book is hot and steamy with rough around the edges Alpha males inexperienced Omegas and sticky action Yes the book contains MPREG and the Alpha male uses colorful language There are twists and turns and tons of fun what are you waiting fo.

Characters The Last Omegas First Pregnancy Huntington Mountain Wolves #1

Re without serious incident Omegas’ bodies change on their eighteenth birthday and the first full moon after adulthood turned Richie Shea’s Beta companion wild Their future uncertain Richie a man with secrets than straight thoughts has a plan that’ll either get them killed or set them free Zayne Kincaid is a bounty hunter with debts to pay He should be home riding bikes and Omegas drinking beer and shooting pool But he owes Tusk the boar shifting leader of the Hell Hogs Motorcycle Club one favor and then he’s done but his plans c.

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A wolf shifting and bounty hunting Alpha with a knack for unearthing trouble runs into a just turned eighteen and never been screwed Omega who has been on the run for a third of his life in the one place neither man should be What could go wrong Shea Huntington’s been on the run since he was twelve years old His parents dead and his clan eradicated Shea is the Last Omega of the Huntington Mountain Wolves pack But he isn’t alone A wily Beta with Alpha dreams has been by his side the last six years and five and a half of those years we.

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