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    🧜‍♀️ 4 Mermaid Beach Stars to The High Tide Club 🧜‍♀️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I can still remember reading my first book by Mary Kay Andrews I was in graduate school and my cousin one of my favorite reading buddies told me I just had to read Hissy Fit Filled with southern charm and humor I had experienced nothing like it before Mary Kay Andrews was offering something different Several years later and Mary Kay Andrews continues to offer something different The High Tide Club is serious than her previous endeavors Told in two timelines in 1941 and the present I fell in love with the characters And talk about diversity in ages they range from their 30s to 90s The High Tide Club was formed in the 1930s by Varina Ruth Millie and Josephine Only two members Varina and Josephine are living in the present day when the story begins There’s a mystery and a story behind the group of women and it kept me uite intrigued The setting on a Georgia coastal island was perfectly described I felt like I was at the beach the entire time I read The characters had MKA’s usual fun and charm Mary Kay Andrews has dug a little deeper with The High Tide Club Beach readers looking for a mystery on the side of their southern charm will swoon over this one Thank you to Mary Kay Andrews who never fails to entertain me St Martin’s Press and Netgalley for the ARC The Hight Tide Club will be published on May 8 2018

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    The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews is a 2018 St Martin’s Press publication A Southern style beach read When ninety nine year old Josephine Bettendorf Warrick commissions Brooke Trappnell to gather her old friends from the ‘High Tide Club’ together before she passes away Brooke is taken aback by her reuest Josephine wants to make amends with her old friends and intends to beueath them her estate on Talisa Island Brooke is stunned to discover her own grandmother had once been a charter member of Josephine’s club which could also present a conflict of interest on her part However she immediately begins to search for the ladies who will inherit the island bringing together an eclectic group of women all harboring an explosive secret Meanwhile Brooke asks an old colleague to help with the Josephine’s estate bringing up a few unreuited feelings while she also struggles to raise her three year old son on her own Once all the ladies are gathered on the island mostly descendants of the original High Tide Club Josephine loosens up enough to begin weaving tale of intrigue and mystery directly involving Brooke’s grandmother The revelations continue to pile up one on top of another as people come forward claiming to be relatives of Josephine all wanting a piece of the pie Is it possible for Brooke to determine who the rightful heirs are? Could a long ago mystery have any bearing on the case? Believe it or not this is my first Mary Kay Andrews novel I’ve been dying to sample her work for a long time and am so glad I finally took the plunge I see why this author is so popular and will certainly be adding of her books to my TBR pile I love southern fiction and beach reads and find the two often make a terrific combo I also love old secrets and mysteries and especially love it when a group of ladies all work in tandem to get something accomplished There is a large cast of characters which usually causes problems for me but I didn’t have a bit of trouble keeping up with who was who and never got confused at any time along the way The pacing is just a tiny bit slow at times but I never got bored or tempted to skip ahead There are some reveals I saw coming while others completely blindsided me While the mystery is uite compelling it is the friendship and bonding of strong female characters some uirky some hard to like some difficult to figure out but all united in a common cause that is what makes this story special The last few chapters which wrapped up some personal issues Brooke was dealing with was a little bit rushed through but the epilogue was simply outstanding This is my last ‘beach read’ of the summer I don’t think I could have chosen a better story than this one to close out my summer reading season 4 stars

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    The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews is a contemporary read with an added edge of mystery to it as secrets from the past and slowly revealed during the story The point of view is mainly that of Brooke Trappnell a thirty something single mother who is struggling to make it as a lawyer in a small town but there are flashes into the long ago past to a group of ladies that called themselves the High Tide Club led by now ninety nine year old Josephine Bettendorf WarrickIf being ninety nine isn’t enough to know that Josephine’s days are limited she has also had to deal with a devastating diagnosis Carrying a secret for the last seventy years Josephine wants nothing than to make things as right as she can before she goes and also to protect Talisa Island which her family had owned and lived upon for years and yearsWhen Brooke receives a call from the eccentric widower curiosity wins her over as she wonders what services Josephine could need her help with and the urge to meet the lady wins over The tale that Josephine tells is one of a long ago death and three friends she would like to make amends with by including their heirs in her new will which shockingly enough includes Brooke herselfWith wonderful writing it was easy to immerse myself into this read from the opening pages Weaving the past into the present unfolded nicely along the way with than a surprise or two to be found I think than once while reading this novel I was reminded a bit of Fried Green Tomatoes and it’s story of Idgie in the present reliving her friendship of Ruth and the mystery of who killed Frank Bennett which was always a favorite of mine We have a bit of the same with this one and Josephine telling of her friends years before and a mysterious death to uncover The High Tide Club though went one step further bringing the present characters deep into the unfolding tale In the end I found this a wonderful tale that spans several generations of women and their livesI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 5 rounded upThe High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews was exactly the type of book I needed to read right now It made me think of a hug warm fuzzy and it made me feel good There is some drama and it's not all fun and games but that's what made it greatI remember reading another book by this author and not loving it but The High Tide Club was amazing I think it is definitely the epitome of the perfect beachsummer read and it got me in the mood to go to an island The story focuses mostly on the present but there are some flashbacks to the past which was a very enjoyable way to read this book You see present through the eyes of a lawyer named Brooke and I really loved her as a character Frankly I think I loved at least one thing about every single character except for a couple I found a lot of very relatable people in the book plus a lot of very current relatable subplots The High Tide Club talks about a group of friends in the 40s who called themselves the High Tide Club Brooke gets hired by one of the women to find the rest of her friends because she is 99 years old and wants to make amends for ways she has wronged them This book is chalk full of secrets betrayals and even a murder And you also get a glimpse at Brooke's life and her past at the same timeI took my time with The High Tide Club and I savored it which is why it took me 3 days to read it All the descriptions made it very atmospheric and I felt like I was right there in Georgia with the characters Mary Kay Andrews can definitely paint a picture through words for you and I loved itFinal Thought Words can't even explain how enjoyable of a book this is It's got a little bit of everything and even the serious topics are told in a light enough manner that make the book uplifting than sad So many funny moments and the characters were people I would love to meet I highly recommend this for summer or any time you are in the mood for a beachy read and lovers of great characters who enjoy a shot of mystery in your beach read I will definitely be reading whatever Ms Andrews comes up with next The High Tide Club in 3 ish words Absorbing Fun Imaginative

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    The High Tide Club is a story about friendship and the great lengths people will go for their true friends Brooke Trappnell a young attorney and single mom to 3 year old Henry receives a call regarding an unspecified legal matter from the well known Josephine Bettendorf Warwick of Talisa an island off the coast of Georgia Brooke visits 99 year old Josephine who is ill and wants to preserve her home and property in Talisa as well as make amends with her three friends Millie Ruth and Varina Together back in the early 1940s the foursome dubbed themselves The High Tide Club skinny dipping on nights with a full moon Since then they mostly lost touch and grew apart letting differences get the best of their friendships Brooke tries to sort out matters related to Josephine’s estate and track down the other women or in some cases their relatives In the process old mysteries resurface new friendships are formed and Brooke attempts to balance this with motherhood family matters and her own love life The High Tide Club is a good story and I was curious to see how things would play out predicting some elements correctly but there were others I was not expecting Even with the predictable elements I for the most part enjoyed the book but there were definitely parts that dragged on It did at multiple points feel long This was my first read by Mary Kay Andrews and it’s clear she can write a solid southern story

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    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my review or rating Warning This is not a beach read This is a story of barely developed characters subtle racism overt in some cases a secret child story line I hate those and a plot that zigs zags from the past to the present repeatedly I was left 100 percent disappointed with this read and baffled that Andrews wrote this I have enjoyed her books over the years and this book feelsreads like a rough first draft to me I think if maybe the amount of characters had been cut out and or just had Josephine and Brooke as the only voices maybe the book would have worked out better Instead we have a plethora of points of view POV in this one and random actions by characters that I didn't believe at all The High Tide Club deals with almost 100 year old heiress Josephine Warrick calling up Brooke Trappnell telling her she wants to hire her Josephine wants to do what she can to leave her estate to friends of her that were part of a so called High Tide Club The state wants to buy all of Josephine's landhome and wants to demo it Josephine wants Brooke to prevent that by seeking out her friends and wants the opportunity to make amends with themSeems simple right? It's not From the first we have Josephine telling Brooke her story in fits and starts It doesn't work as a narrative device to have Josephine telling a story and then the book flashing back to the past and then flashing back to the present then flashing back to the past again That happens repeatedly while reading It took me out of the story every single time And at one point I started to skim in self defense because I just didn't care any and wanted to be finished with this book And I did laugh though when Josephine lets Brooke know that one of the people she wanted to contact was Brooke's now dead grandmother At this point we find out that two of the women from the club are dead and only one her name is living her name is Varina but they had a fight related to Josephine not selling back land she bought from her and other Geechees living on the island So then the book segues into Brooke contacting the heirs of the dead women and then coming to the island to hear about what they could possibly be inheriting Instead there is a death confusion and just general bedlam of people scrambling around trying to demand landmoney from a woman that any barely seemed to care died And then we have reveal after reveal hitting you over the head with Josephine looking the worst out of all of the characters with some of the others coming in a close secondBrooke is an idiot and I was so done with her whole so called plot I hate secret children in romance novels It is not believable at all and just once I would love it if the dude in uestion called the woman out and said no I don't want to be with someone that would lie and hide the fact that they had my child for so called BS reasons The other characters were secondary and I didn't care for them much either Varina's granddaughter or grandniece was shown to be grasping and greedy Varina herself was portrayed as naive I hated the fact that the book shows the other so called members of the club treating her like a doll they could dress up and give expensive things to But she's African American and could not really be a part of their world at all In fact most of the African Americans in this book don't look that great at all in the end The writing was rough in a lot of places As I said above maybe cutting out all of the extra characters and the jumping back and forth in the story would have helped It was hard to keep things straight When Josephine dies not a spoiler it's in the synopsis the story loses it's forward momentum The setting of the island doesn't feel real at all I think maybe just telling the story from past to present would have helped it to feel centered in the book Instead I didn't get why anyone was killing themselves trying to save the place The ending was supposed to be moving and uplifting I just was glad to be done

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    Finding her childhood friends and making amends was one of Josephine Bettendorf Warrick’s dying wishes Josephine and her two childhood friends had created THE HIGH TIDE CLUB during one night of funThe girls were lifelong friends until Josephine had words with them Brooke Trappnell was hired by Josephine to find these women or their descendants because she wanted to leave her island to them since she had no children of her own Josephine is an ornery woman who wants what she wants Brooke desperately needs the money so she takes this job Brooke wasn’t sure she would legally be able to take on this assignment because she and her mother surprisingly were named in the inheritance that included twenty acres of land and a pink mansion
 THE HIGH TIDE CLUB is set in Georgia and has eccentric fun characters We follow Brooke as she goes on her search for these women andor family members
We also get the treat of going back to 1941 and seeing first hand all of the antics and mischief THE HIGH TIDE CLUB girls got into along with secrets kept and heartachesMs Andrews smoothly goes from one time period to another linking both stories and keeping your interest with her marvelous detailed writing style and story lineThe fun of finding these friends andor family members made this book delightful I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the story line The story line became better every time I turned the page and especially when secrets were revealed about Josephine’s life and those in it The characters were the highlight for me as well as the locationThe island its history and its description made you want to be there with the charactersI enjoyed the lives of the characters in 1941 as well as the present day family members This was my first book by Mary Kay Andrews and it was a very pleasing entertaining read If you enjoy family sagas secrets and mysteries you will want to read THE HIGH TIDE CLUB 55This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review

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    45 Starsrounded upAny other Mary Kay Andrews fans? I just adore all her books and this one definitely did not disappoint Her books intertwine relationships in such a meticulous way and it's something I love most about her booksThe high tide club that sounds like a group of people who maybe like to go boating or live by the shore right? Well this is a different kind of high tide club This is four close girlfriends who grew up together were like sister but had many secrets intertwined The group forms because of events that happen that only the four of them know about They come across all things such as abusive relationships children in and out of wedlock race issues etc This book flips back and forth between 1941 when they were teens and present day when only 2 of them are alive and well into their 90's We meet Josephine who has inherited a ton of property but has stage four cancer and needs to get her Will written up to ensure it goes to the right people Brooke is contacted by Josephine and she can't figure out why this woman is contacting her and not someone else Josephine tasks her with finding kin of the women who are still alive because she wants the High Tide Club to inherit the propertymoney and no one elseNow there's kin of all four women together one of her friends Varina who don't know each other but need to make a dying woman's wish come through However Josephine starts to spill secrets but Varina is holding onto even secrets as the story goes on Brooke Lizzie Felicia and Marie have to figure out who is telling the truth Were Josephine's cousins who could potentially inherit the estate really close to her? Who is CD and how is he connected to the family? Could your love interest really be out for you for your money?What if everything you knew had been a lie?This book totally empowers women and weaves us in and out of how relationships work It goes through how friends who are like sisters will go through great lengths to protect one another and even at 99 years old secrets are forever kept What an amazing story of the true power of friendshipEveryone put this in your beach bag ASAP and read this book It is so good and highly recommended

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    It's the cover that drew me to this book It's lovely The story was just ok for me It was not really what I was expecting and I found it to be really slow especially the beginning to the middleI usually enjoy past to present timeline stories Perhaps I didn't find the characters all that memorableThe story in the 1940's involves a group of women who call themselves The High Tide Club as they go skinny dipping on their vacation island in Georgia together There's a murder that occurs very early in the novelIt switches to present day when a lawyer Brooke is contacted by one of The High Tide Girls Josephine She is dying and wants to make amends There are buried secrets and some surprises that ariseFor the most part I think the story was just too slow for my liking I'd say it wasn't light enough to be called a beach read but a cross between ChickLit and Women's FictionI'd like to thank St Martin's Press and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read this Advanced Reader copy

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    Mary Kay Andrews is another of my favorite authors She always has a good read The characters are great and so is the story This one had a little bit of a mystery in it which made it really good IMO I told friends about the book and told them I could see this as a TV movie on Hallmark or Lifetime The characters are that easy to relate to and you love them all Definitely recommend especially if you like Southern authors and stories about the South

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