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Cause Shes a Good Girl

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The nine women appear one by one in seuence on the TV screen she is positively sure that she's met five of the women a week before their deaths Coincidence Is there a connection Time is now a countdown to the moment she can identify the killer and expose him But in the midst of this dangerous plight she finds herself in she learns that someone has taken Shelly A muffled voice over the phone claims responsibility; and it's not the Silk Stocking Serial Killer who's daring her to come rescue her frie. I really think this is a great book I felt it is well written and a great story line and plot Great characters as well I loved getting back to this book whenever I could I don't want to say much of the story because I would want you to have as close of an experience as I did which was a great one I will be reading books by this author

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S now And along with that comes a bit of excitement in the form of Oz Shelly’s cousin who looks just like Prince a headache inducing fact he’s reminded of often And like ninety nine percent of the women in Destin California Piper has fallen for him As she spends those lazy days peeking around walls and from behind the kitchen door admiring him her attention is soon captured by those Special News Bulletins showcasing the latest murder victim of the Silk Stocking Serial Killer When the faces of. Piper Banion got the short straw in the lottery of life Stuck with an abusive mother who can find nothing redeemable in her hard working studious daughter she manages to stay true to her own moral compass Faced the knowledge her mother has done something horrible she turns her in and her life changes direction Piper becomes friends with the daughter of a wealthy couple This propels her into the lap of luxury and perhaps the arms of her friend's handsome cousin However all is not what it seems and Piper will land in the middle of a serial killer's spree leaving the reader to wonder if she will become the next victim This is a book about choices and staying true to your sense of values There are a few twists that make the book both interesting as well as a page turner

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Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00KNI3I3KCLEAN SUSPENSETHRILLER Piper Banion spent her first eighteen years living an abusive nightmare After graduating from C Addison High her best friend Shelly Jamison finally convinces her to move to California to start a new life and get to know Shelly’s family The summer spent with the Jamison’s exposes Piper to a world completely opposite from the pain and rejection of her childhood; warmth love and acceptance are her emotional companion. A bad review would stop most readers to download a book right Nowrong Never let a bad review stand between you and your own free willcommon sense because you might just let a good book slip between your fingers I am glad I've downloaded and read this book I am one of those reviewers who are proud to give honest reviews and only give praise when praise is due The book is well written and the characters are believable Grab your tissues as an unexpected twist at the end of this story will have you in tears too I would recommend this book to readers who love thrillersromanticsuspense books

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