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Ine looms Morgan finds the stakes in her enforced leave have changed and the bar has been raised She realizes she has not returned to Green Briar to save just her career but she is really there to save herself The truth about one woman's disappearance changes another woman's life forever and brings an entire town to its knees.

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A town is living a lie and dying of a disease called FEAR Who's lying in Green Briar Everybody On an enforced leave of absence Morgan Alexander has thirty days to pull herself together or lose her career She returns to Green Briar her childhood home and the town where her mother disappeared 17 years earlier to spend a peacefu.

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L month with the aunt who raised her But things do not go as she plans As soon as she arrives strange things begin to happen As Morgan comes to grips with new evidence bringing the reason for her mother's disappearance into uestion she finds herself falling for charming but completely wrong for her Jacob Chandler As the deadl.

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