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Tajni iz njene prošlosti Samo četiri osobe mogle su da je izdaju jedna je mrtva jedna je voli jedna želi A za jednu se nada da ju je zaboravilaDok kopa po svojim uspomenama kako bi našla trag priseća se svog života kad je kao siroče došla u Evropu iz Amerike i uletela u bleštavi i vrtoglavi svet Drugog carstva u Parizu The fictional female character in The ueen of the Night is an American born opera singer whom if meant to resemble anyone author Alexander Chee says is Pamina from The Magic Flute this book is meant as a reinvention of the Mozart opera as a novel In first person narration the story beginsWhen it began it began as an opera would begin in a palace at a ball in anencounter with a stranger who you discover has your fate in his hands He is perhaps a demon or a god in disguise offering you a chance at either the fulfillment of a dream or a trap for the soul A comic element the soprano arrives in the wrong dress – –and it decides her fate The year was 1882 The palace was the Luxembourg Palace; the ball the Senat Balat the beginning of autumn It was still warm and so the garden was used as well I was the sopranoI was Lilliet Berne Lilliet is flabbergasted horrified to discover that this stranger has discovered secrets about her which only a handful of people knowThe stranger invites her to star in a new opera but the words of a novel he shows her are of her life An entire team is working on this opera which came from a 'diary' found in a hotel the man was refurbishing He has no idea it's of Lilliet's life Somebody does Who Lilliet does not let on to this stranger either Instead she is on a mission to find out who 'did' betray her We learn of Lilliet's life storystarting in Minnesota in a log cabin to the present timea Grand Opera House in Paris This is a 600 'chubby' book is sitting next to me page turning fantasticIt's a sweeping historical epic a treasureThe plot takes center stage The plot being the mystery of who betrayed Lilliet's secrets yet I enjoyed the 'entire' journeya rags to riches story an orphan to Lillett Berne the name she comes to be known as in Paristhe history the opera the details of the musical training the fashion the friendships the colorful characters betrayal twists and turnsand a love story a little complicated triangle and a little sex There is an overall lush atmosphere with so many lovely moments to simply smileThe writing was gorgeousHer skin was slightly sallow and she was not pretty but she exerted a nearly violent need for your attention Her cloud of hair was like smoke She was wearing and enormous cancan skirt the biggest I'd ever seen filling the seats to either side of her on the bench as she slumped rakishly her half lidded eyes watching something directly ahead of her something only she could seePart of why I bought this book is because I use to have season tickets with San Jose Opera having enjoyed the productions of Carmen and The Magic Flute a couple times each My daughter and I went to the Opera together So my memories were my initial opening of interest with plans to give her this bookhowever you don't need to have an ounce of interest in Opera to enjoy this story It has a memoir 'feeling' to itEngaging storytelling with a steady pace I stumbled in a few parts a little hindrance due to my lack of French comprehension But often than not I was completely drawn into the storyI think this is a Fabulous Book worthy of these 600 pages5 stars

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Očaravajući roman o burnom putu jedne mlade žene od cirkuske jahačice i kurtizane do svetski poznate diveLilijet Bern je senzacija Pariske opere legendarni soprano sa svim priznanjima osim životne uloge koju svaki pevač želi kako bi postao besmrtan Kad joj takvu ulogu ponude ona shvata sa strepnjom da se libreto zasniva na Like a pretty courtesan trying to make a living this novel tried desperately to seduce me It flirted it danced it even sang for meBut the seduction failed I grew frustrated with this book and struggled to finish it First I must state that The ueen of the Night is an ambitious work of historical fiction Our heroine Lilliet is a famous opera singer in Paris in the 1880s and she has a lot of secrets Ever since she was orphaned in America she's spent her life on the run Her previous jobs include circus performer courtesan lady's maid spy and finally a muse She was often running away from one man nicknamed the tenor who tried to control her Lilliet was skilled at having men fall in love with her and she was eually good at making her escapes But she feels trapped when she's approached to star in a new opera and she realizes the story is about her secret past Only a few people know the truth about her so she sets out to discover who is behind the plotI was interested in this novel because it has elements I typically like such as a European setting opera and artists historical references a rags to riches story mystery and even romance But something was off This book became a tangled mess of plot contrivances impossible coincidences and bad dialogue It also lacked any real depth of character the scenes and love affairs felt as fake as a theater set And at 550 pages it dragged on way too longI can appreciate what the author was trying to do and all the historical research he did on the period I think it just needed rehearsal time

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Kako bi preživela ona od cirkuske jahačice postaje kurtizana od caričine služavke pevačica a sve vreme je upletena u komplikovanu mrežu ljubavi dužnosti i političkih intrigaPored sudbine istorijskih ličnosti roman prati i Lilijet i ulogu Kraljice noći koja može da joj osigura ugled – ili je uništi tajnama koje otkri Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestThere's an author named Jennifer Wilde who wrote some of the trashiest longest winded bodice rippers I've ever encountered always both lewd and boring with heroines who go through hell and back and yet are somehow remarkably detached on an emotional level from anything happening to them whether it's the death of a loved one or brutal rape at the hands of a captor The stories are sometimes interesting but virtually all of the voices of all of this author's heroines are interchangeable because the only thing they lack than agency is any kind of personalityJennifer Wilde is actually a man named TE Huff and Jennifer Wilde is his bodice ripper pen name He also had a gothic romance pen name Edwina Marlow I've read two of his books recently ONCE MORE MIRANDA and ANGEL IN SCARLET which were rags to riches tales similar to THE UEEN OF THE NIGHT Also like UEEN OF THE NIGHT both of these books were much longer than they needed to be and read as if they were written by someone who had never actually sat down and listened to a women regale the stories of her life before I know how that sounds and I'm sure Chee has talked to women but man the heroine of this book was bland AF and didn't seem to have any emotions at all I've seen mirrors that were deeper than Lilliet Berne And the book is written from her POV so there is no escaping itI bring up Jennifer Wilde because that author is a prime example of a male author who has a good idea for a story starring a female hero but who doesn't have the chops to back it up There is no excuse for failing to make Lilliet Berne interesting She lost her entire family to sickness then went to work in a circus then became a prostitute and then the servant to a noblewoman or maybe vice versa I may be mixing up the order and then she became the captive lover of an evil man and then she escaped and became an opera singer slash courtesan in her own right With a colorful tapestry like that at the backstory I should be scarfing this down like it's all you can eat Tuesday at the Bodice Ripper Bistro and the entree of the day is Rosemary Rogers au gratuitous WTFERY But this book was BORING I didn't want to believe the people who were saying that this book was boring and slow I thought to myself Well maybe they don't appreciate a book that takes a while to build up its characters Some people don't But this was circuitous with the heroine constantly telling things to us instead of showing them to us as unemotionally as possible and by the time I was 25% to the end I basically started skimming heavily and ignoring 85% of what I was reading Something about a duel and a final showdown and I think someone gets doused in gasoline I don't even careApparently this book was many years in the making and it is well researched and has some well written passages and descriptions The problem I think is that the author fell so in love with his own writing and grandiose ideas that he forgot all about the heroine How else to explain why she feels like such an afterthought in her own narration There are Phantom of the Opera vibes Faust vibes Memoirs of a Geisha vibes HOW WAS THIS BAD She had this terribad life that she was trying to keep secret for all these years and then one day someone presents her with a play that mirrors the secrets of her dark past WHAT That sounded amazing How was this not amazing What dark and evil magics were afoot to make this so I don't always agree with Goodreads At Large but the critics were definitely right about this one it was a huge disappointment I barely finished15 to 2 stars

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Alexander Chee is the best new novelist I've seen in some time Edinburgh is moody dramatic and pure Edmund White“A complex sophisticated elegant investigation of trauma and desire like a white hot flame” Joyce Hackett in The Guardian“A coming of age novel in the grand Romantic tradition where passions run high Cupid stalks Psyche and love shares the dance floor with death A

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